Trump Fires Santa for Not Delivering Border Wall in Stephen Colbert's Animated Christmas Spectacular

Trump Fires Santa for Not Delivering Border Wall in Stephen Colbert's Animated Christmas Spectacular

He also brings “Late Show” Melania Trump back to deliver a Christmas address to the nation.

Stephen Colbert released a new animated holiday classic on Thursday night that told the heartwarming tale of President Donald Trump firing Santa Claus, sending ICE to round up his elves, and installing a MAGA Santa replacement he met at one of his rallies.

"The holidays can be stressful, especially with Trump as president," Colbert said to set up the impressive short film. "And many of our go-to holiday traditions don’t accurately reflect the national mood. So with that in mind, the little elves her at the ‘Late Show’ came up with a Christmas special tailor made for these trying times. I am proud to present a new holiday classic."

"A Very Special Counsel Christmas" follows jolly old St. Nick on his quest to save Christmas after Trump tries to make it great again, and he knows just the guy to help: Robert Mueller.

Although Trump has logged a number of offenses on the Naughty List over the years, the Special Counsel knows they need harder evidence to prove to the American public he’s not fit to preside over the holiday, and luckily one elf escapes from the border to give it to them.

The 6-minute animated short comes after Trump has been threatening to shut down the government if Congress doesn’t approve money for that $5 billion border wall he promised his base. "Shutdown today if Democrats do not vote for Border Security," he tweeted Friday morning.

"A Very Special Counsel Christmas" was one of several Christmas-themed bits on "The Late Show" Thursday. Colbert also invited Laura Benanti back to portray Melania Trump.

This time, the character was responsible for delivering the White House’s Christmas message to the American people, because the president was running late. "Which is surprising because I’ve never seen him running before," Benanti’s Melania joked.

Since Trump’s sons, Don Jr. and Eric, are busy hunting endangered red-nosed reindeer, Melania decides to do what she does best and "distract from his failures."

"Maybe I’ll put on an offensive Christmas-themed jacket," she said, then pointed toward a familiar green jacket reading, "I Really Don’t Care, Do Yule?"

Ultimately, this faux Melania gets her Christmas wish when President Trump calls to let her know he won’t be home on Christmas Eve. She’s so happy she breaks out into song. "Oh I can’t believe / my Christmas wish came true / I’ll be home for Christmas / Without you-know-who!"

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