This Morning chaos as four-year-old ‘genius’ grapples with Dermot

This Morning chaos as four-year-old ‘genius’ grapples with Dermot

This Morning: Alison and Dermot meet four-year-old genius

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This Morning descended into chaos during an interview with child “genius” Teddy Hall and his mother Beth on Friday. As Beth was trying to speak about her son’s incredible brain, the youngster kept tussling with host Dermot O’Leary after the 49-year-old “wound him up”. ITV viewers found the segment “delightful and hilarious” as the youngster was full of giggles, as was Dermot.

Beth told hosts Alison Hammond and Dermot that Teddy and his sister had both been conceived through IVF.

Teddy could count to 100 before he turned two and he can now do so in seven different languages, including Mandarin.

His mother told viewers her son learned to read when he was just 26 months old, which stunned the ITV hosts.

She claimed he did this by “watching children’s television and copying the sounds of letters”.

However, the interview soon went off script as Teddy kept wanting to play with Dermot while his mother was speaking.

Alison attempted to speak to Beth while Dermot grappled with the hyperactive youngster on the sofa.

A giggling Alison told her co-star: “Dermot O’Leary I’m trying to have an interview here and you’re just playing!”

Dermot and Teddy didn’t seem to pay much attention as they continued to have a laugh on the ITV talk show.

This Morning fans flocked to Twitter to comment on Dermot’s playful side as they watched Teddy’s interview on the show.

Sarah Harkin shared: “Amazing that this little boy may be a child genius but is still highly amused and playing with Dermot showing he isn’t losing his childhood for brains. He’s having the best of both worlds #ThisMorning.”

Jules added: “Child genius on #ThisMorning having the absolute time of his life. I’ve not heard a word his mum has said!”

Ruth said: “#ThisMorning Dermot and the four-year-old genius playing together during this interview is just delightful and hilarious.”

Julie penned: “#ThisMorning Dermot what a lovely man having the best time today with the four-year-old boy genius.”

Victoria commented: “Dermot’s got him all wound up and he can’t calm down now. Think Dermot was enjoying himself as much as Teddy!

“Saw him on the news the other evening – such a cute and clever kid. #ThisMorning.”

Miss N quipped: “Dermot and the kid need to replace Holly and Phil #ThisMorning.” (sic)

Beth recalled the moment she realised her son was extremely intelligent, explaining: “During lockdown, he started doing things that his friends hadn’t been doing.

“We started going out for walks and he would count house numbers.

“He would be watching children’s TV but he’d rather watch educational programmes, so Alphablocks and Numberblocks.”

This Morning continues on weekdays from 10am on ITV.

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