The Weeknd's freaky 'plastic surgery' was created by celebrity prosthetics artist who made Heidi Klum's Halloween looks

The Weeknd's freaky 'plastic surgery' was created by celebrity prosthetics artist who made Heidi Klum's Halloween looks

THE Weeknd's freaky "plastic surgery" face was created by the same celebrity prosthetics artist who made Heidi Klum's outrageous Halloween looks.

Fans have gone wild with various theories as they believe that he modeled his look after ex Bella Hadid and used a female lead that looked like Selena Gomez.

Following his new look, fans of The Weekend were left with mouths ajar and some even wondered if he had actually gone through with plastic surgery.

However, a source assured that it was all a performance.

The source told Us Weekly: "This is strictly performance art.

"The Weeknd is wearing prosthetics as he’s been playing since November 2019 when he launched the After Hours era."

Additionally, the source revealed that the Canadian singer only went to the best in the industry, Mike Marino of Prosthetic Renaissance.

Fans might recognize his work on Heidi Klum's many Halloween costumes, where she's dressed up as an old lady, Jessica Rabbit, Fiona from Shrek, and an Avatar.

Just yesterday, fans were left buzzing after The Weeknd debuted the music video for Save Your Tears as he showed off his new "plastic surgery" look.

Starboy hitmaker Abel Makkonen Tesfaye's freaky face looked to have been pumped with fillers in his cheeks and lips, as well as his nose chiseled.

Despite it all being fake, fans couldn't help but be shocked – and "horrified" – with his face change.

One fan wrote: "WHATTT did The Weeknd do to his face and WHYYYY???? I have too many questions."

A second one begged someone to "explain what happened to The Weeknd’s face!?

She continued: "Awful… I thought it was all an act with the bandaids on his face but it looks like he got bad Botox YIKES."

A third couldn't fathom that The Weeknd had really undergone surgery and wrote: "Can someone assure me it’s prosthetics on @theweeknd face? I just need to know my baby didn’t do something he can’t undo. Like it’s a gimmick, right? It’s just for show?"

Another fan also took to Twitter and shared: "#TheWeeknd mv just gave me the shock of my life the heck is that face?"

And others couldn't get over just how "scary" his new face was.

These reactions came after fans watched the four-minute music video where the singer was on stage in front of a crowd wearing elaborately decorated Venetian masks.

After worrying crowds at the AMA's, Abel explained that the look was to raise awareness against drunk driving following his previous dark hit, Blinding Lights.

While the song is based on his past relationships, the reference to the "blinding lights" are to the street lamps along a dark road.

The Weeknd explained that the lyrics depict a man who is so desperate to see his girl, he is prepared to drive while drunk.

He told Esquire: "It's about how you want to see someone at night, and you're intoxicated and you're driving to this person and you're just blinded by streetlights.

"But nothing could stop you from trying to go and see that person, because you're so lonely."

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