The Voice UK – what are the previous winners doing now? From Leanne Mitchell to Ruti Olajugbagbe

The Voice UK – what are the previous winners doing now? From Leanne Mitchell to Ruti Olajugbagbe

But who has won the show in the past? And what are they doing now? Get the lowdown…

2012 – Leanne Mitchell

Leanne Mitchell became the first ever winner of The Voice but a combination of poor album sales and public criticism of the show meant her career was over before it started.

Mentored by Tom Jones, Leanne beat Bo Bruce in the final but her self-titled debut record failed to make it into the Top 100 and she was dropped by her label.

What is Leanne up to now?

She has since married and had a son called Leo and still holds her previous job as a holiday camp singer despite winning the inaugural competition.

2013 – Andrea Begley

Andrea Begley became the next winner of The Voice when she bested Leah McFall and Mike Ward in the final of the second series.

Mentored by Danny O'Donogue, she immediately faced criticism from who openly voiced his opinion that his act Leah was the worthy winner of the show.

What is Andrea up to now?

Andrea's debut single sturred upon release and peaked at number 30 but her follow-up track failed to crack the top 100.

2014 – Jermain Jackman

Soulful Jermain Jackman was poised to be The Voice's first breakout star when he became the third winner of the show, beating Christina Marie and Sally Barker.

He became's first act to win the series but his first single And I Am Telling You only reached No.75 while his first album sold just over 600 copies in its first week.

What is Jermain up to now?

In 2014, he claimed he was quitting the music industry to continue with his studies in politics, having spoken about his desire to be Prime Minister while on the show.

Despite this, on Instagram the singing hopeful claims he is a “recording artist” and performed on the lineup for Labour Live 2018 – the party's summer festival.

2015 – Stevie McCrorie

Stevie McCrorie managed to get a No.6 hit with his debut single Lost Stars after he beat Lucy O'Byrne in the final of series four.

He was mentored by Ricky Wilson and the Scottish singer was quickly snapped up by music label, Decca.

What is Stevie up to now?

However, less than a year after Stevie won The Voice, he was back in his old job, calling time on his music career to go back to work as a fireman.

The following year, he released an album titled Big World, which reached No. 35 in the Digital Downloads Chart.

2016 – Kevin Simm

Even though Kevin Simm complained about his treatment during his time on The Voice, the former Liberty X singer still managed to win the show.

Ricky Wilson became the first judge to mentor successive winners when Kevin beat Jolan in the last ever series to be broadcast on the BBC.

What is Kevin up to now?

His winner's single All You Good Friends eventually peaked at No. 24 in the charts and his first solo album Recover failed to reach the Top 40 in the UK Album Chart.

He launched another attack on the talent show for "not supporting" him after they snubbed him for a reappearance in the final last year.

2017 – Mo Adeniran

Mo Adeniran was led to success by US singer Jennifer Hudson, who also became the first female coach to win, over Into The Ark in 2017.

The 22-year-old singer worked night shifts in a hotel before joining The Voice and was once asked to deliver room service to a man who had tied his wife up in a kinky sex game.

What is Mo up to now?

He released Globetrotter as a digital download under the performer name Mo Jamil in April 2017, although it largely flew under the radar.

Mo's single "Unsteady" failed to make much of an impression in the UK but had modest success in Japan.

2018 – Ruti Olajugbagbe

Ruti Olajugbagbe became the shock winner of this year's show when she beat bookies favourite Donel Mangena in April.

The 18-year-old student and part-time carer, who was mentored by Tom Jones, signed a recording deal with Polydor records.

What is Ruti up to now?

Her debut single Dreams reached number 1 on the UK iTunes Store, and debuted at number 14 on the UK Singles Chart.

In September 2018, she revealed an album is potentially on the cards but the teen has plans to release her next singles first.

What time is The Voice on ITV?

The Voice 2019 started on Saturday, January 5 and continues TONIGHT (March 2) at 8pm on ITV.

The format of the show is that contestants take part in blind auditions and the judges spin round in their chairs if they want to mentor them.

The judges are Olly Murs,, Jennifer Hudson and Sir Tom Jones

The show is hosted by Emma Willis.

This year for the first time trios are allowed to audition as well as soloist and duets.

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