The View host Whoopi Goldberg suffers MULTIPLE mishaps as show airs live from the Bahamas | The Sun

The View host Whoopi Goldberg suffers MULTIPLE mishaps as show airs live from the Bahamas | The Sun

THE View host Whoopi Goldberg has suffered multiple mishaps during the live show on Tuesday.

The moderator, 66, has had quite a few on-air blunders in recent weeks, and they haven’t stopped while the show’s been filming from the Bahamas this week, either.

While introducing guests Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers to The View on Tuesday, Whoopi had a bit of trouble pronouncing the name of their podcast, Las Culturistas.

After trying and only able to say it as Las Culturastas instead, she eventually just gave up.

Guest co-host Ana Navarro jumped in to say it correctly, and Whoopi just told her, “Well, I was hoping you would say it.”

Whoopi then added to Ana, “Gracias,” for her help in saying the podcast name correctly. 

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Both Bowen and Matt tried to make Whoopi feel better about the whole thing.

Matt told her: “My dad can’t say the name of the podcast, either.”

Whoopi explained: “My lips just failed. Periodically, I’m all ready to do it, and then I go, ‘[mumbles random sounds].’

Still trying to cheer her up, Bowen asked her to just think about “all the words [she’s] said correctly in [her] life.”

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This didn’t work too well for her, though, as she fired back that she hasn’t been doing so great that day.

The moderator was likely referencing the flub she’d made earlier in the broadcast.

At the start of the episode, Whoopi worked to pronounced the name of the resort where she and the other hosts are staying, Baha Mar, but had some issues.

She said: “We also want to say thanks to our sponsor, Baha Mara– Baha Mar resort! As they have been amazing to us.”

With the little flub on the name, some of her co-hosts could be heard laughing in the background.

This was the second day in a row Whoopi had had trouble saying the name of the hotel.

On Monday, Whoopi's mistake also happened early on in the broadcast.

It all kicked off when the ladies of The View had quite the opening to their special Bahamas-filled week, featuring plenty of dancing and celebrating.

As soon as they all sat down, Whoopi began: "Our trip to celebrate… uh… The View's 25th season- we came here to the Baha Mar… um…"

The 66-year-old then seemed to struggle to finds the words before co-host Sunny Hostin helped her out and said: "Resort."

"Resort," Whoopi echoed before laughing and adding, "Paradise! There's so many words but I can't think of them all…"

With all of the moderator's recent issues on the show, fans have been begging for her to "retire" from the role.

Last week, while they were all still at their usual show studio, Whoopi had cracked up her co-hosts with another on-air blunder.

Just as The View returned from a commercial break, Whoopi began reading from the teleprompter to introduce then next guest.

She began having trouble from the start.

Whoopi told viewers, “Welcome back,” but then she began mumbling through the next few words as she got out: “Kristen Bell is very funny actress.”

As she went on, the moderator mixed things up again as she read: “Half of a beloved celeb cup…Couple! Sorry.”

All of The View’s co-hosts could be heard laughing about the flub in the background.

This caused Whoopi to smile and laugh about her mess-up, as well.

Just a couple of weeks ago, fans mocked Whoopi on social media for making a different mistake on the show.

The mishap arrived as Whoopi brought up an incident that recently took place in the art world at the Louvre.

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One surprised viewer asked: “Did Whoopi say the LOO-va?”

Another wrote, “The way Whoopi just pronounced the Louvre,” including with it a gif of a woman cringing.

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