The Undoing fans 'freaked out and distracted' by Nicole Kidman's 'completely frozen face' in emotional scenes

The Undoing fans 'freaked out and distracted' by Nicole Kidman's 'completely frozen face' in emotional scenes

THE UNDOING fans have admitted to being 'freaked out and distracted' by Nicole Kidman's 'completely frozen face' in the show's emotional scenes.

The new Sky Atlantic series stars the Aussie actress alongside British actor Hugh Grant and fans are already hooked on the thriller's action.

Nicole, 53, plays Grace Fraser, a successful therapist who lives in New York City with her husband Jonathan (Grant), an oncologist, and their young son Henry, who attends the elite Reardon School.

Their worlds are turned upside down when their son discovers the dead body of a young woman, leading to a murder investigation.

But for some viewers, Nicole's facial features have left them 'perplexed'.

One wrote on Twitter: "Nicole Kidman's stretched and mask-like face is very distracting in #TheUndoing."

"Obsessed with Nicole Kidman’s frozen face in The Undoing," added another.

While a third commented: "Just starting The Undoing. Love Kidman but perplexed by her face… She looks fantastic. Looks young. She has enough movement to act effectively and not a wrinkle.

"But I also think she is on the verge of Madonna face. A little stretched and puffy."

One viewer commented: "Not a fan of Hugh Grant, also a little freaked out by what Nicole Kidman has done to her face, but this programme is so so good #TheUndoing".

While others seemed to want to send out a warning to the star.

A concerned fan wrote: "Nicole Kidman’ face in #TheUndoing Easy on the collagen!"

And: "Enjoying ‘The Undoing’ but Nicole Kidman’s face is so frozen she looks embalmed".

Another added: "Watching The Undoing. Quite good TV. Do you think Nicole Kidman only got half the fee as only half her face moves? #botox #dontgonearnakedflames"

One suggested adjustments had been made during post production on the show.

"There’s definitely been some kind of post production blur added because I’ve seen photos from the set and she looks far younger on screen," they wrote.

Three episodes of the gripping series have so far been aired and the show will come to an end in the UK on Monday November 30, 2020 on Sky Atlantic at 9pm.

Nicole recently left fans surprised and delighted after revealing she sings the theme tune of the Sky Atlantic show.

The tense thriller opens up with a haunting version of Dream A Little Dream Of Me as its theme song – and is sung by the talented Aussie.

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