The Truth About Dr. Pimple Popper’s Husband

The Truth About Dr. Pimple Popper’s Husband

Dr. Sandra Lee, everybody’s favorite Dr. Pimple Popperhas united popaholics across the globe. The dermatologist has proven her mettle by taking on large, scary pimples and vanquishing them with her trusty lancet. It seems as if her fans cannot get enough of the pussy blackheads, jiggly lipomas, and oozing pilar cysts. But be warned, the video clips are graphic, yet oddly gratifying. 

The popular dermatologist keeps churning out content on her YouTube and Instagram channels, where she has an impressive following of nearly 7 million and 4.1 million followers respectively. She regularly updates her social media feeds with grotesque videos that enthrall her audience. Dr. Pimple Popper has also been a hit show for TLC since 2018, satisfying viewers’ craving for offbeat reality TV. But what about the physician’s personal life? Does she also wield the scepter at home, and does she share her life with someone special? 

Fans of Dr. Pimple Popper would already know the answer to that burning question. Sometimes, they can catch a glimpse of Dr. Lee’s husband at the Skin Physicians & Surgeons practice. The tall, dark, and lanky spouse also works at the clinic. But who is Dr. Jeffrey C. Rebish and how did he steal Dr. Lee’s heart? Keep scrolling to get the scoop on the father of her teenage sons.

Dr. Pimple Popper's husband is also a dermatologist

Dr. Jeffrey Rebish is also a dermatologist and jointly runs the Skin Physicians & Surgeons practice with his wife, Dr. Sandra Lee. Dr. Pimple Popper viewers know that sometimes Dr. Lee sometimes turns to him for a second opinion.

Dr. Rebish grew up in Westchester County, N.Y. before deciding to pursue a career in medicine. After attending Dartmouth College, he left for the Hahnemann University School of Medicine where he met his future wife. The physician heads the medical side of their business. According to his bio on the clinic’s site, he practices general dermatology, takes a “special interest in psoriasis, skin cancer surveillance, and other various skin conditions,” and performs dermatologic surgery.

Dr. Rebish defined his role in a January 2019 interview with Refinery29 as being the practical physician, while his wife has a more “theatrical career. “On the day-to-day, we’re both dermatologists, but we have very different roles in the office. I’m definitely not a ‘pimple popper.’ I’m the business guy, more behind-the scenes,” he told the outlet. “I handle the administrative side of the practice, while also seeing my own patients. But Sandra handles the cosmetic side of things — Botox and fillers, liposuction and eye lifts, and the more complex surgeries you see on TV. It’s not what I like to do, but those more theatrical surgeries have always been her specialty.”

Dr. Jeffrey Rebish is 'the brains' behind their business

Dr. Pimple Popper’s Sandra Lee also believes that she struck it lucky with her husband. They have a great working dynamic. She thinks that they complement each other because “he’s the brains and I’m the personality,” she told Distractify. She and Dr. Jeffrey Rebish carefully coordinated their Upland, Calif. practice so that they each have autonomy. “We complement each other well, we have different things we do at the office,” she revealed. 

While most couples may shy away from working together, it seems as if Dr. Rebish and Dr. Lee have it all figured out. “The big thing, I think for everyone who works with their husband or a family member is the hierarchy,” Dr. Lee revealed. “We would never be able to work together if I worked for him or if he worked for me. The fact that we work alongside each other [is key] because we know we have each other’s best interest at heart.” 

When it comes to work, Dr. Pimple Popper has also come to value her husband’s opinion. In the Distractify interview, she confessed that sometimes Dr. Rebish may poo-poo one of her ideas. However, she knows that he is only looking out for her. “I know he cares about me — he’s not just saying, ‘Yeah do that [stupid thing].’ And that’s what I think is nice about working with your husband,” Dr. Lee raved about her spouse. “You know they have your best interest at heart.”

Dr. Sandra Lee and Dr. Jeffrey Rebish fell in love at first sight

Dr. Jeffrey Rebish also dished about his love life. For him and Dr. Sandra Lee, it was love at first sight. The physician was immediately smitten with the future Dr. Pimple Popper from the moment that he set eyes on her, and they have been together ever since.

“We were both at medical school in Philadelphia to become dermatologists. Sandra walked into the room on orientation day, and I knew right away that she was the one,” Rebish gushed to Refinery29 in January 2019. The couple then dated throughout medical school and obtained their medical degrees. Now, they are raising their two teenage sons together after having taken over Dr. Lee’s dad’s dermatology practice. And, despite having a busy schedule, the celeb couple makes each other a priority.

Rebish also confirmed his keeper-status when he confessed that he’s always got Dr. Pimple Popper’s back. “The fandom is crazy, and we’ll probably have to continue to figure things out as Dr. Pimple Popper grows and evolves. Ultimately, I’ll always be involved any way Sandra needs me to be, because we’re a team.”

For those wondering if Dr. Pimple Popper performs off-camera at-home surgery at home, we have got some rather disappointing news. She has “never popped anything on my skin, which might be a little disappointing to her fans,” Dr. Rebish admitted. But then again, there’s got to be that air of mystery, right? It seems as if this couple is on track to spending many happy years together.

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