The Secrets She Keeps: Where you've seen the cast before? From Downton to Arrow

The Secrets She Keeps: Where you've seen the cast before? From Downton to Arrow

The Secrets She Keeps is a tantalising real-life drama set in an affluent Sydney suburb, where two pregnant women of the same age have a chance encounter in a supermarket.

In a classic nature vs nurture fashion, both women come from very different backgrounds – one working-class, one more well-off.

And with dark, hidden secrets and a dangerous obsession… this chance encounter could have a very deadly ending…

The cast as well, is buffeted by two recognisable actresses as Agatha and Meghan, who both come from blockbuster TV franchises…

This is where you’ve seen the cast of The Secrets She Keeps before.

Laura Carmichael as Agatha

The most instantly well-known member of the cast, Laura Carmichael is of course a former Downton Abbey star.

She played Lady Edith in the opulent period drama, sticking around for all six seasons, as well as the 2019 spin-off movie.

Downton aside, Laura has also logged time in films such as Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy and TV series The Spanish Princess, as well as a distinguished stage career.

Jessica de Gouw as Meghan

Jessica will be recognisable to comic book fans for her role in the TV show Arrow, where she played supervillainess The Huntress.

Jessica stuck around for two seasons, before starring in the short-lived NBC adaption of Dracula starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

She also popped up in the 2019 series of The Crown as Lucy Lindsay-Hogg, the future wife of Princess Margaret’s ex-husband Lord Snowdon.

Michael Dorman as Jack

Kiwi actor Michael has previously had bit parts here and there in big franchises, but he takes a big leap forward in the main cast for The Secrets She Keeps.

You may recognise him from shows such as Patriot, Wonderland and For All Mankind.

He’s also popped up in some Hollywood blockbusters like Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Ryan Corr as Simon

Nope, not a member of the pop band The Corrs, Ryan Corr is a distinguished actor in his native Oz, where he’s starred in many productions.

Our Aussie friends may recognise him from the drama series Packed to the Rafters Love Child and, of course, Neighbours!

He’s also appeared in films such as Wolf Creek 2, Hacksaw Ridge and Ladies in Black.

Michael Sheasby as Hayden

Regular BBC One viewers may look at Michael Sheasby and think – I know you from something I’ve watched very recently!

And do you know what – you do. Michael can be seen currently in the opulent period mystery The Luminaries.

Apart from that, he’s also acted in Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge and Jennifer Kent’s The Nightingale.

The Secrets She Keeps starts tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

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