The Repair Shop's Jay Blades reveals fate of BBC One show beyond season 8

The Repair Shop's Jay Blades reveals fate of BBC One show beyond season 8

THE Repair Shop star Jay Blades has revealed the fate of the much-loved BBC One show beyond season eight.

The 51-year-old presenter, who has hosted the programme for four years, admitted he wants to "raise the bar" as he hopes the show "keeps reaching".

Since its debut four years ago, The Repair Shop has seen its popularity sky rocket before securing a place as a staple show on BBC One.

The fan favourite, which sees seven million viewers tuning in for each episode, is now looking towards its ninth series and beyond.

Host Jay has admitted that while the concept of the show seemed "quite boring" at first, he felt the emotional storytelling from visitors to the workshop is what turned it around.

The TV personality detailed there was "no script or direction" at the start of the shows filming, allowing everyone to relax, have fun and react honestly.

"The viewing numbers have shocked me," the Express reports the host saying of the seven million fans tuning in to the episodes each week.

Moving from BBC Two to the the network's prime channel was down to the viewing success, with two episodes now built into the Wednesday schedule.

"All the production team do he same thing they do on our primetime version – it’s not a lesser-quality show,” Jay added.

Speaking to the Radio Times this week, Jay added that the continued success will hopefully see the show "run and run" as future seasons are in the pipeline.

“I think it can run and run. Let’s raise the bar. Seven million? I want ten million! Keep reaching,” he explained.

The show now has more seasons lined up to be put on air, with new episodes of season eight currently airing on Wednesday nights.

In the past, Jay has opened up about the success of the show with viewers at home being down to the "personal" nature of each episode.

The Repair Shop airs Wednesday at 8pm on BBC One.

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