The Masked Singer fans gobsmacked as Monster ‘confirms’ own identity

The Masked Singer fans gobsmacked as Monster ‘confirms’ own identity

The Masked Singer saw mystery celebs Tree, Monster, Fox, Octopus and Daisy take to the stage once more to perform for the crowd and the judges.

After the singers perform, they then had to tell a truth and a lie to give the judges a clue about who they were.

During last night's episode, Monster left viewers gobsmacked as he appeared to confirm his own identity after being quizzed.

Monster’s first statement revealed he had an identical twin which Ken took to mean it was Jack Black.

The second big clue was that he had a major hit with DJ Calvin Harris.

His third clue was: "I am CeeLo Green!" shocking the judges and the audience as they tried to work out if he was being serious or not.

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Monster could well have been lying with the third statement, but there is potential it could have been a double bluff.

Has Monster revealed who he really is before even lifting his mask off?

After the bombshell, viewers took to social media to predict that he was telling the truth with his statement.

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One fan wrote: "Monster is CeeLo Green. Done and dusted, bring on the next one."

A second chipped in: "Monster is definitely Ceelo Green, singing to a mouse = Danger Mouse."

A third added: "Monster has thrown me. I still think it's Ceelo Green. But I feel like I'm missing something."

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A fourth agreed: "Utterly convinced since the first week monster was CeeLo Green, the ‘danger’ mouse and the clue "I am CeeLo Green" convinced me."

However, he made it through to the next round so fans will have to wait until next week to find out.

The Masked Singer continues tonight at 7pm on ITV.

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