The Irregulars ending explained: What happened at the end of The Irregulars?

The Irregulars ending explained: What happened at the end of The Irregulars?

The Irregulars trailer released by Netflix

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The Irregulars is a unique sci-fi adaptation of a Sherlock Holmes tale with teenagers helping to solve the mystery behind a rip in the universe which acts as a portal between our dimension and another. So what happens in the grand finale of the Netflix series? Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of The Irregulars.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from The Irregulars.

What happened at the end of The Irregulars? 

Leo leaves to try and get to know his future wife 

As the Rip gets bigger, Billy (played by Jojo Macari), Spike (Mckell David) and Leopold (Harrison Osterfield) get separated from the rest of their friends because of a cave-in.

After successfully defeating a possessed nun who came through the Rip, it is time for Leo to go.

He made a deal with his family that in order to have Billy released after he had been arrested, Leo had to meet the woman he was meant to marry.

So he left the group at the end so he could get to know his potential future wife Helena.

The Linen Man is accidentally killed 

The Linen Man tortured the gang with their own fears, when Jessie (Darci Shaw) was able to corner him, she returned the favour.

Jessie gets her ex-mentor to experience the fear that all of his victims had felt before dying.

The Linen Man was tormented in these moments, thinking back to the lives he ruined, moving away from Jessie as he was eager for her to stop.

This is when he moved a bit too far back and ended up moving onto a ledge and falling to his death.

Bea and Jessie’s mum returns briefly

In the penultimate episode, The Linen Man convinced Sherlock (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) to come with him to open the Rip up further.

He wanted to get his partner and Jessie and Bea’s mum Alice (xx) out of the other dimension, having got stuck there the last time it was closed off.

Alice was happy to return to see her daughters but had become twisted after 15 years by herself in the other world and she wanted her revenge.

She was determined to destroy the world by having the other dimension swallow ours.

However, the sisters weren’t willing to let this happen so ended up closing the rip entirely, with their mum once again on the other side.

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Sherlock leaves through the Rip

At the end of the finale, Sherlock made a surprise decision which left the gang and Watson (Royce Pierreson) stunned.

As Alice went back through the Rip, Sherlock launched himself in after her.

This means Sherlock is now also stuck in the purgatory dimension and is only able to come back if they open up the Rip again.

But will the gang risk the safety of the world to try and get Sherlock back?

The Irregulars season one was left on a cliffhanger but this is far from the end.

Netflix has already announced that the period drama would be getting a second series.

As season one has only just come out, it will be quite a while before the next lot of episodes is seen on the streaming service.

When it does return though, will Sherlock be in season two or is he trapped forever in the other dimension?

The Irregulars is available to watch on Netflix.

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