The Flatshare’s Anthony Welsh admits to ‘missing’ co-star

The Flatshare’s Anthony Welsh admits to ‘missing’ co-star

The Flatshare stars Jessica Brown Findlay and Anthony Welsh

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The Flatshare star Anthony Welsh divulged in the relationship he created on set with Jessica Brown Findlay. The actors developed a really close bond while filming the new Paramount+ series. He opened up on starring in the unique romcom, which is his highest profile role to date.

When asked what it was like working with the Downton Abbey star he told and other press: “I love working with Jessie.

“I was genuinely missing her when she was not on set. There was a day in London, and it was hot.

“We were only in London for about two weeks. In this scene I had to get off the bus – it’s in episode one – and she had to walk past me, and we missed each other.

“It took a lot of coordination but right where the bus was there was this empty shop front, but it had about five musicians in it.”

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Anthony also reminisced about the special scenes: “There was a trumpet player, a guitarist, someone on keys, maybe even a sax.

“Jessie is waiting to go and I’m waiting to go and we’re just listening to the most beautiful jazz music and because we had no dialogue in the scene it wasn’t an issue with sound.”

The will-they-won’t-they six part series focuses on the peculiar living arrangement between Leon and Tiffany.

Landlord Leon has the flat and only bed for half of the time, while he works night shifts in a children’s hospice.

Tiffany is an erratic journalist, fresh from a break-up, who has the flat for twelve hours from 8pm onwards.

With their only communication through post-it notes, the pair initially struggle to adapt to the strange deal, but eventually they begin to communicate in person.

The unique story is adapted from the bestselling novel by Beth O’Leary.

Upon reading the script, Jessica admitted she was mortified with the role.

The star explained: “One of my initial notes was, ‘Terrifyingly like me.’ The more I did this series, the more I realised that Tiffany and I are very close.

“Sometimes, there are so many layers to a character that require you to add or take away whereas for this.

“It felt very exposing to connect with a character who felt very close to me.

“It required me to be very trusting with the directors so that I could exist in that space and be exposed in that way.”

She also reflected on the relevance of the new series to what others may be experiencing at the moment.

Jessica remarked: “There’s something about the circumstances of how we live in 2022. Now you can be a professional in your late twenties/early thirties and still need to have a flat that you can only occupy for twelve hours a day.

“Tiffany is at that point where it’s about restarting her life and looking at who she is outside of a relationship.

“For women, it is ‘I’m not going to get scared into settling down or doing something that isn’t right for me.'”

The Flatshare boxset is available to stream on Paramount+

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