The Fashion in the New ‘Gossip Girl’ Looks Nothing Like the Original. And That’s a Good Thing.

The Fashion in the New ‘Gossip Girl’ Looks Nothing Like the Original. And That’s a Good Thing.

Like it or not, a new generation of Gossip Girl is coming. And with it, more fashion to inspire. Though this time around, expect less headbands, more knee-high boots with bike shorts.

Though the original series featured an array of top designers—Anna Sui, Marc Jacobs, and Elie Saab are just a few of the designers in constant rotation throughout the show’s six seasons on the air—the forthcoming HBO reboot of the beloved CW teen drama appears to be taking a more authentic and realistic approach to dressing this new generation of teens.

Paparazzi photos, which snapped the cast on the steps of the Met, offer a glimpse into the fashion of the new series, which is expected to air sometime in early 2021. Gone are the crystal-embellished headbands and snug polo shirts. In their place: thigh-high leather boots, bike shorts, and streetwear-inspired hoodies. It’s in keeping with the new approach to the series, which seeks to more accurately reflect the times and the culture with a more inclusive cast and greater queer representation.

Of course, reinventing a “classic” so firmly rooted in the nostalgia of many millennials is bound to ruffle some feathers. Below, we analyze what we’ve seen from the reboot against the original with Fashionista Editor-in-Chief and Gossip Girl superfan Tyler McCall.

The first question is an obvious one: When the set photos began to drop, what was your initial reaction?

So I follow a few behind-the-scenes people on Twitter, and I saw one of the writers tweet out the steps photo with just “SPOTTED,” and it truly was like an endorphin rush. There have been a few pap shots of filming, but seeing them assembled on the iconic steps in school uniforms is a totally different thing!

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