The Circle’s Woody on parents Zoe Ball and Fatboy Slim’s fury about the show

The Circle’s Woody on parents Zoe Ball and Fatboy Slim’s fury about the show

Woody Cook, who made it to the final of The Circle, has revealed how his parents, Zoe Ball and Norman Cook, AKA Fatboy Slim, reacted when he told them he planned to go on the show.

The 18-year-old appeared on the reality TV show where contestants live in an apartment block together but they only communicate via technology, meaning players are able to pretend be other people, and they are rated on their popularity.

It Takes Two presenter Zoe and Norman, who are now separated, were furious when Woody told them he would be going on the show.

Speaking to MirrorOnline, Woody said they immediately asked: "What? Why!?"

"Why would you go on reality TV?

"We've tried to protect you from the outside world!"

Laughing, Woody added that they asked him: "Can't you just get a job?"

But Woody won over their support when he explained the premise of the show, and that it's "not like Love Island".

In fact, the show is almost the opposite of Love Island, which sees contestants judge one another on their looks initially, as there is no way to do that on The Circle.

Woody's popularity on the show skyrocketed amongst the other players and also the viewers.

"I'm absolutely buzzing", he said.

"People have approached me and said 'I hope my son's like you'.

"It's like a weird dream."

Woody kept the identity of his famous parents a secret from the other players right until the very end, because he wanted to experience life without being judged by people who have a certain idea of him as a "famous kid".

Because of this, he empathised with catfish James, who pretended to be single mum Sammie, because "catfishing is an escape and a way to see things outside of who you are normally".

Woody also chatted about his reaction to finding out that Judy, who he had been flirting with, was actually Richard Madeley catfishing.

Judy's supposed age was 27, while Richard is 63.

"There was shock, there was denial", joked Woody.

"It was a big moment when I went from 'why are you flirting with someone who is a third older than you?' to 'why are you flirting with someone three times your age!?'"

He explained: "Richard Madeley encaptured this woman, I could see her and she had some attitude.

"He knows how to act and how to move his hips.

"It really made me chuckle."

Woody also confirmed he had no idea Judy was not real, and she was the only catfish he didn't expect at all.

He said it was strange playing the game alone in his apartment and then finally realising that millions of people were in fact watching, as it's something that goes to the back of your mind during filming.

The teen previously did not use much social media, as having gained a following in the past, he realised it was "as wide as an ocean but as deep as a paddling pool", as he wasn't making meaningful connections with anyone.

"Social media is great but it's just numbers", he said.

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