The Chase star reveals terrifying moment he’s attacked by teens threatening to stab bus passenger | The Sun

The Chase star reveals terrifying moment he’s attacked by teens threatening to stab bus passenger | The Sun

THE Chase's Paul 'Sinnerman' Sinha claims he was victim of a terrifying attack on a bus by teenage yobs – and he updated fans as the drama unfolded.

Paul, 52, was travelling on the London bus when he says two schoolboys began deliberately breathing electronic vape smoke on his neck.

The Chaser, who suffers from Parkinson's disease, told his 229,000 Twitter followers that the thugs then threatened to "stab" a girl who stuck up for him.

Fans rallied to check Paul was safe and, although he said he felt "bullied and mocked", he insisted that he did not feel "threatened" during the confrontation.

Alongside an accompanying video, Paul tweeted: "Always a joy travelling on a bus at school time.

"Two teenagers thinking its fun to repeatedly try and bully me by vaping my neck.


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"Luckily a formidable female teenager stood up for me and made me feel like a mouse in comparison."

Paul's camera panned to two teenage boys sitting on the other side of the bus as they chatted to a girl.

One was sipping a fizzy drink while the other lay slouched across a seat with his hood up and a black mask hiding half his face.

Paul can be heard saying in the footage: "That's the guy who was vaping my neck because he thought it was funny. That's his mate who thinks it's funny.

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"Not quite so brave now, are they?"

The teen yobs were talking to a girl in Paul's clip, but he was quick to stress: "Formidable female teenager is not the one seen in video.

"She took them both on and is the reason they both look so sheepish. She was magnificent."

However, when Paul was challenged by one of his followers to "leave them alone" because they are "kids", things stepped up a gear.

He replied: "So what are my options. They're threatening to stab the girl so if i move away Im abandoning responsibility.

"I start laughing at how she takes them down so they start on me. Im a disabled 52 year old whose only weapon is words."

Paul continued: "At no point did i feel threatened. I know this is minor. But i did feel bullied and mocked, and it's sobering that i look like an easy target.

"I didnt know what was actually happening until i heard a girl say 'I hope that guy turns around and smahes you in the face' [sic]."

The majority of Paul's followers were horrified by his series of tweets from the bus.

One replied: "I'm so sorry this has happened to you Paul. Its just awful to think that this is how a future generation behaves.

"I'm actually fuming and can only hope their parents are notified and take the correct course of action."

Another told him: "Glad you’re ok and actually called out this sort of behaviour. For the people saying ‘they are just kids’, this is where it starts. Lack of authority and challenge."

And someone else added: "I'm sorry this happened to you, Paul. It's very distressing and upsetting, I know.

"I'm glad to hear there was someone prepared to stand with you, and what a remarkable young woman you got to meet.

"FWIW you continue to be an inspirational figure. You are no mouse, sir."

Paul has starred on The Chase since 2011.

He was diagnosed with Parkinson's four years ago. It came after he was misdiagnosed with a 'frozen shoulder'.

During an appearance on Loose Women earlier this year, he said: "Please don't panic if you've got a frozen shoulder by the way, but apparently a frozen shoulder is a relatively common presentation of Parkinson's disease.

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"But for a year and a half I only saw orthopaedics specialists, not neurological specialists."

Paul later told fans to "cherish life" as he watched back clips from his interview on the ITV1 show.

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