The Blacklist boss confirms who will be ‘last man standing’

The Blacklist boss confirms who will be ‘last man standing’

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After years of evading his enemies and toying with the FBI, Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington (played by James Spader) is now firmly in the sights of nemesis Wujing (Chin Han). As Wujing rallies his army and burned Blacklisters to rally against Red, it looks like his time may be up before the series ends for good. However, judging by new quotes from the show’s showrunner, Red may not be alone in the series’ concluding moments.

In fact, show boss John Eisendrath has pinpointed exactly who will be working alongside Red to the very end to try and overcome Wujing.

Eisendrath’s revelation came after he was quizzed on whether Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) would finally have a love interest who’d make it out alive.

“Season 10, should we change things that worked so well so far?” he laughed when asked by TVLine. “Oh, poor Ressler.”

However, delving into what Ressler has in store, Eisendrath added to the publication: “What I would say about Ressler is he was on Red’s tail eight years before the pilot started…

“And he will be the last man standing when it comes time to determine Red’s fate at the end of this season.”

So while he remained tight-lipped as to whether Red will survive, it looks like Ressler will play a key part in the outcome.

And if fans were to read into the “last man standing” quote, could it mean the likes of Cooper (Harry Lennix) and others will perish before the series ends?

Fans will have to continue tuning in each Sunday to find out for sure but several have already voiced their concerns about deadly exits just one episode in.

On Twitter, @Miss_Ki_ shared: “Raymond Reddington has to die. I will not be watchin this show for another decade #TheBlacklist.”

While @DedicatedTVAcc theorised: “Anyway, here are my vague thoughts about The Blacklist and we’ll Reddington mostly.

“I would not be surprised if he set Wujing on himself. What I see, from his wandering about unprotected, is a man who is ready to die.#TheBlacklist.”

And @Engr_Sohail_A tipped: “Katrina will come out of dust and help Raymond before he dies in the end #TheBlacklist.”

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Elsewhere, @MultiPacifist was against the idea, raging: “Raymond better not die this season or so help me #TheBlacklist.” (sic)

Season 10 kicked off on Sunday, February 26 following the news NBC had decided to call time on Red’s story.

While a number of diehard fans were devastated by the news of the show ending, it hasn’t kicked off with the best audience numbers.

In fact, after moving to Sunday nights, The Blacklist has dropped from its averages last season.

Season nine averaged three million viewers a week while airing on Friday evenings.

But the season 10 opener only managed to attract 2.3 million, matching the show’s lowest-ever ratings.

Meanwhile, NBC’s rival network CBS boasted boosted ratings for its Sunday night regulars The Equalizer, NCIS LA and East New York.

The Blacklist season 10 continues Sunday on NBC in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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