The Big Bang Theory fans spot ANOTHER plot hole in Howard Wolowitz’s childhood in bedroom flashback – The Sun

The Big Bang Theory fans spot ANOTHER plot hole in Howard Wolowitz’s childhood in bedroom flashback – The Sun

THE Big Bang Theory fans have found another major plot hole seemingly confirming that Howard Wolowitz is the most unreliable narrator in all of comedy.

The main series of the hit show has now come to an end but the spin-off Young Sheldon has taken viewers into the early years of our favourite geeks and with it the revelation that many of Howard's stories were big fat lies.

One story Howard told to Raj Koothrappali (Kunal Nayyar) was that as a child his mother placed rails on his bed, and that the safety rails were kept there until he was 17.

But one Reddit user realised that "in the Season 2 finale of Young Sheldon, we see a glimpse of Howard’s room, in which there appear to be no safety rails".

"Howard is approximately 10 years old," the mega-fan suggested, with another adding: "Great eye!

"It’s got to be tough when making a prequel show to deal with that much continuity."

It's not the first plot hole from the show, which ran for 12 seasons, with fans regularly nitpicking moments such as this.

The CBS sitcom wrapped earlier this year and since then fans and new viewers alike have taken to Netflix to watch old episodes.

Howard was the butt of everyone's jokes for being so dependent on his mother, who he still lived with, and although Mrs Wolowitz – played by the late Carol Ann Susi – was rarely seen on camera, the character didn't like her son leaving her side for very long.

But one viewer noticed a major plot hole in that story thread, as Howard studied for a time-consuming masters degree in Aerospace Engineering at MIT University in Boston.

With his mother residing in Pasadena, California, it seems particularly strange that Howard would still be so dependent on his mother despite studying on the other side of the country.

Another major plot hole involves Sheldon’s (Jim Parsons) relationship with his late father.

The Big Bang Theory made no secret of the pair’s relationship being strained, with Sheldon feeling misunderstood by his alcoholic dad up until his death, when Sheldon was just a teenager.

One fan took to Reddit to point out that in the eleventh episode of the show’s debut season, Sheldon recounts being left alone in Germany while ill at the age of 15.

His mother had flown back to Texas to help his father – but in other episodes Sheldon remarks on multiple occasions that he was just 14 when he lost his dad.

“Would kill them to get a proofreader?!” one fan exclaimed while a second chimed in: “It’s great that the characters are complex, I just don’t get how we can keep up but show bosses can’t.”

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