‘Talk to Me’ Officially Gets Sequel

‘Talk to Me’ Officially Gets Sequel

The 2022 cult horror movie is getting a follow-up with the original directors Danny and Michael Philippou and writer Bill Hinzman reuniting for the project called ‘Talk 2 Me’.

AceShowbiz -A “Talk to Me” sequel is being developed. Directors Danny and Michael Philippou are making a follow up to this year’s cult horror flick, with Danny once again writing the script alongside Bill Hinzman.

Studio A24 has officially confirmed they are “summoning a sequel” titled “Talk 2 Me“.

The film revolves around Mia (Sophie Wilde) as she becomes connected to the supernatural after a seance involving an embalmed hand which is meant to connect people with spirits. Providing users are connected to the hand for no longer than 90 seconds, they will experience a drug-like high – but there are dangers involved if they stay for too long.

The Australian movie also starred Alexandra Jensen as Jade, Joe Bird as Riley, Otis Dhanji as Daniel, Miranda Otto as Sue, Zoe Terakes as Hayley, and Chris Alosio as Joss.

Danny had already teased a potential sequel, admitting that he had plenty of scenes left over. He told Deadline, “Because I was writing it for so long and we were redrafting and redrafting, you just can’t help but start writing other scenes, scenes of different people experiencing the hands, continuing on these characters’ story. So, there’s scenes for a sequel, yeah.”

Meanwhile, the cold opening for the movie tells the story of brothers Cole and Duckett – played by Ari McCarthy and Sunny Jackson – as the latter is possessed and becomes increasingly violent.

The team already filmed a whole prequel based on their story, and they would love to put that out into the world one day. Danny told The Hollywood Reporter, “We actually shot an entire Duckett prequel already. It’s told entirely through the perspective of mobile phones and social media, so maybe down the line we can release that.”

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