Susanna Reid forced to step in over ‘out of touch’ monarchy debate

Susanna Reid forced to step in over ‘out of touch’ monarchy debate

Ed Balls suffers swear blunder as Susanna Reid halts debate

After a weekend of celebrations, the first picture of King Charles’s new slimmed-down monarchy was unveiled.

The Prince of Wales stood as the youngest in the picture, aged 40, and has sparked a debate on whether the Royal Family are “out of touch”.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams and Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu joined Good Morning Britain presenters Susanna Reid and Ed Balls to discuss the pictures.

Richard kicked off the discussion and explained: “Haven’t you noticed something talking about being too old, how about remembering three years ago when the Queen, 96 when she died, 93 when the Queen addressed the nation on Covid and everyone was so moved

“Have you heard of the Duke of Edinburgh, have you forgotten him?

“He was working, a working royal until he was 95, and the Queen mother was working into her 90s, so the Windsor gene is a pretty good one.

“When you have a Royal Family that in fact symbolises national unity and is above party politics.”

Dr Shola was laughing at Richard during his explanation before she expressed: “How absolutely wonderful.

“95 jobs I am sure we would all wish for. Listen, slimming down the monarch is an insult to our intelligence ok.

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“Not only is this a pale, stale and predominantly male, it sends a powerful message of maintaining the hierarchal divide of class, race, wealth and privilege.

“The Royal Family is the face of the British monarchy, an institution that symbolises structural inequalities.

“King Charles had the audacity to invite us, members of the public, to swear allegiance to him when he is the one who should be giving an oath of service to us.”

Susanna interrupted and confirmed: “He did…. he did during the ceremony made an oath to serve, not to be served.”

Shola continued: “The point here is that not only are they out of touch, outdated, the era of Queen Elizabeth is behind us.”

However, Richard began to become furious with Shola’s points, with the pair having an argument with one another.

Trying to keep it civilised, Susanna ended up having to break the pair up and exclaimed: “I think… I think.

“I have to bring it to an end! Dr Shola, Richard thank you very much,” before Ed teased: “It’s like being back in the House of Commons again, I’m getting PTSD.”

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