Stephen set to kill again as he is caught destroying evidence in Corrie

Stephen set to kill again as he is caught destroying evidence in Corrie

Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) might be running out of luck in Coronation Street as one of the multiple murderer’s previous crimes comes back to haunt him. And we know that when Stephen is cornered, he has no qualms about killing again.

The third person Stephen killed, after Leo and Teddy Thompkins (Joe Frost and Grant Burgin), was business associate Rufus Donahue (Steven Meo). Stephen drugged Rufus and pushed him into his swimming pool, holding his head under the water until he drowned.

It seemed that Stephen got away with that murder as he has with the other two, but a visit from Rufus’s wife Lou gave him cause for concern. She told him that she was convinced her husband’s death wasn’t an accident, leaving a worried Stephen scouring the Walford Gazette to see if anything was being reported.

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Coming up, things get a whole lot worse for Audrey (Sue Nicholls)’s eldest when Lou produces a bag of items handed to her by the police that were found by the swimming pool on the night of Rufus’s death. Among them is Stephen’s tie pin. Lou doesn’t know it belongs to Stephen, but she does know it didn’t belong to Rufus and she says she plans to talk to the police about it.

The police subsequently agree they’ll investigate the tie pin, and also the mystery surrounding Rufus’s missing watch. Peter (Chris Gascoyne) admits to Stephen that he found the watch in the back of his cab and pawned it to pay for rehab. The watch has since been sold.

Stephen is obviously most concerned about the tie pin and secretly lets himself into Lou’s hotel room to go through her belongings. He finds the tie pin and pockets it, but is almost caught when someone comes to the door.

There’s a lot on Stephen’s plate with Lou getting ever closer to being able to place him at the scene of her husband’s murder. She comes to the factory to find out who stole the tie pin, clearly having her own suspicions about Stephen.

Peter, meanwhile, has also noticed that Stephen’s behaviour is getting shiftier by the day and he tells Carla (Alison King) to keep her guard up, saying that Stephen can’t be trusted.

With all of these eyes on him, Stephen is starting to really sweat and he knows that he’s got to take action.

So he arranges a wine tasting at the bistro. That sounds like a lovely, civilised way to spend an evening, doesn’t it? But when the host is Stephen Reid, a man with a history of spiking people’s drinks, could murder be on the wine list?

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