Steph McGovern calls Katie Price's toyboy Carl her SON in Packed Lunch blunder

Steph McGovern calls Katie Price's toyboy Carl her SON in Packed Lunch blunder

KATIE Price's boyfriend Carl Woods was named as her SON thanks to a slip-up during a live show today.

Steph McGovern accidentally used the name of the 42-year-old star's boyfriend, 31, when talking about Harvey – before swiftly correcting herself.

Introducing Katie, she said: "I'm sure she won't be shy about telling us about what the real story is about caring for her son Carl…"

Steph, 38, added a split-second later: "Er, Harvey, who has complex needs."

Former Love Island star Carl was in the studio, standing at the the back of the teeny audience watching the show, which is filmed in Leeds.

Harvey is the eldest of Katie's five children and her only child with footballer Dwight Yorke.

He and Katie ended up exchanging flirty banter live on air when Steph asked about their plans to have a baby.

Looking over at Katie, Carl said: "We've got to have a bit of fun trying first."

Katie chipped in: "I haven't been walking for a while because I've been in a wheelchair, I keep saying to him to see a physio to get my leg strong to start riding properly."

At that, the crowd erupting into laughter with a shocked Steph saying: "Right, excellent."

Katie added with a smile: "Riding the horses." Steph said: "Riding the horses, of course that's what we were talking about."

The star was on the Channel 4 teatime series talking about Harvey before the launch of a BBC documentary, Harvey And Me, about the pair.

Speaking on Steph's Packed Lunch, Katie said she hopes Harvey dies before her because he wouldn't cope without her.

She said: "Sometimes I wish that he would go before me because he wouldn't be able to cope if I wasn't there.

"I know that's harsh to say but I know a lot of people in my situation would feel the same.

"Obviously I don't want him to go but he so relies on me in every way and our communication. If I'd gone he wouldn't understand where I'd gone."

Harvey was born with the rare disorder septo-optic dysplasia, which affects brain function, hormones and vision, plus autism.

Steph’s Packed Lunch airs weekdays at 12.30pm on Channel 4

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