Stand Up And Deliver fans horrified by Curtis Pritchard's 'vulgar career-ending jokes' about sex

Stand Up And Deliver fans horrified by Curtis Pritchard's 'vulgar career-ending jokes' about sex

CURTIS Pritchard left fans horrified by his "vulgar career-ending jokes" about sex and was booed offstage on Stand Up And Deliver.

The 25-year-old dancer should probably stick to his day job after his attempt at stand-up comedy sparked debate.

The Celebs Go Dating star was among the stars learning stand-up comedy from the professionals for a two-part series in support of Stand Up To Cancer.

The reality show regular was paired up with Loose Women's Judi Love who mentored him ahead of his performance..

But his jokes went down like a lead balloon after he took to the stage in front of both a real and virtual audience to test out his material.

The reality star kicked off his routine drawing on his Love Island experience but it went downhill from there.

But when he began to make awkward sex jokes, the audience were less than impressed.

Curtis joked: "I had this great idea to go on to the biggest dating show on TV. I had the time of my life on there. It's actually where I got compared to Usain Bolt.

"The only difference is, hang on when he finishes under 10 seconds the crowd goes wild, when I finish under 10 seconds she looks at me in disgust and says 'is that all you've got?'"

The ballroom dancer then pointed to a member of the audience and joked "it happens to you to doesn't it?"

He added: "Don't worry about it, there is a little blue pill that will make you hard for hours, I promise you."

The dancer continued to lower the tone, joking about the time he accidentally used hand sanitiser on a partner instead of lubricant.

He said: "I got some lubricant out, two squirts. You don't want anymore than that otherwise it's like a slip and slide. You'll slip off the bed and you won't know what hole it's gone in. It's like throwing a sausage down a hallway. It's ridiculous."

Judi watched in horror from behind the stage and shared her feedback on his delivery. 

She said: "I didn't even know that he was going to do this joke, I told him to take this joke out."

Curtis was booed offstage by an angry fan while the other contestants were left baffled by his series of sex jokes.

After the show the dancer said: "There was a guy booing. I mustn't have been that good but I enjoyed it. I'm exhausted now, I ain't gonna lie. Physically, mentally, emotionally exhausted. I need my bed."

The TV star received a rather mixed response from fans with some commenting that the show had picked Curtis for his "extra cringe factor".

One fan wrote: "A career ending performance from Curtis. Charity or not he came across as a right creep."

Another added: "Blimey. Curtis died about 12 times during that performance."

A third shared: "Curtis is so awkward… the silence is deafening. He went down like a lead balloon."

A fourth posted: "Curtis' act was abysmal and vulgar, very unfunny."

Despite the show not going to plan, Judi praised the star for being brave in front of an audience.

She said: "Curtis had a go at interacting with the audience and that was bold.

"Like, if he can hold his head up high then anybody can get on the stage and bomb. He got up there and was so brave and did it all for charity."

Other stars featured on the show included ex-Corrie actress Katie McGlynn who was trained by comedian Zoe Lyons, while David Baddiel advised the Rev Richard Coles.

Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder was paired with Jason Manford and Baroness Warsi was with Nick Helm.

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