Spoilers: Receptionist Valerie pitches her new medical invention in Doctors

Spoilers: Receptionist Valerie pitches her new medical invention in Doctors

Receptionist Valerie Pitman (Sarah Moyle) is a woman who is often all too easily overtaken by childish whims and passionate but short-lived enthusiasms.

So in some ways, it’s not particularly surprising to learn that she has turned up for work excitedly claiming to have devised a new invention. What’s more surprising, is that, for once, she may actually be genuinely onto something.

It’s a good idea: Valerie’s creation enables women to provide urine samples more easily, inspired by Valerie’s own recent awkward experiences in a doctor’s surgery. Ruhma and Zara (Barti Patel and Elisabeth Dermot Walsh) are both keen at first, but after a while, begin to suspect Valerie has not thought things through properly.

More surprising perhaps is the unbridled enthusiasm of Al and Daniel (Ian Midlane and Matthew Chambers). Valerie initially feels somewhat patronised and is fully prepared for the deluge of sarcasm which she expects to pour out of the ever-cynical Al Haskey. But, amazingly, both men genuinely seem to love the idea, feeling it could really lead to a major positive change for women.

The trio take a trip to The Icon to discuss Valerie’s proposal in more detail. Al even takes Valerie to the university where they print off a 3D prototype version of the invention. Valerie is keen for her new creation to be both recyclable and biodegradable.

But having convinced Al and Daniel can she also convince the wider world of her vision?

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