Spoilers: Mandy reunites with Paul as the wedding is back on in Emmerdale

Spoilers: Mandy reunites with Paul as the wedding is back on in Emmerdale

Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) was left heartbroken in Emmerdale when she discovered Paul Ashdale (Reece Dinsdale) had returned to gambling and his addiction had spiralled out of control.

Since the discovery, Mandy has kept a close eye on Paul, but found herself at the centre of his terrifying debt problems when Paul was kidnapped.

Coming up, Mandy starts to worry about Paul, and it isn’t long until he uses his manipulative ways to get back in Mandy’s good books…and finds himself shocked when Mandy suggests they get married.

Mandy speculates to Vinny (Bradley Johnson) that perhaps Paul has PTSD after the kidnapping and Paul is quick to jump on this excuse as a lifeline.

Mandy and Vinny promise to support him and Paul smiles, having got what he wanted.

The next day, Paul tells Vinny they’ve got the morning off to give Mandy a surprise for her birthday.

Mandy is emotional when Paul organises a cycling trip at HOP. Later, when an aggrieved Al (Michael Wildman) approaches, furious that Mandy splashed him with mud as she cycled past, Paul jumps to her defence, leaving Mandy proud and emotional.

Back at home, Mandy admits to Paul that she needs him and as they emerge from the bedroom, Paul is dumbstruck when Mandy suggests they get married soon rather than later.

Overwhelmed, Paul agrees.

Paul appears to have won over Mandy once more, but will this only lead to disaster?

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