Spoilers: Keanu blackmails Ben with Callum's life in EastEnders

Spoilers: Keanu blackmails Ben with Callum's life in EastEnders

Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) faced his worst nightmare in EastEnders tonight as he realised that Callum Highway (Tony Clay) had been caught in the crossfire of a very-much-not-actually-dead Keanu Taylor’s (Danny Walters) revenge.

Keanu returned at the end of last week and made it clear to pregnant Sharon (Letitia Dean) that he wanted them to be together as a family. Until tonight, Ben thought that Keanu was dead as he had asked Martin Fowler (james Bye) to finish him off over Christmas.

Martin couldn’t go through with it and Keanu covertly took a flight out of the UK but now he is back and he means business. After he spent some time meeting up with Sharon – wearing a cap so he was basically camoflaged af – he then paid a visit to Callum, who was preparing himself for his police assessment.

After a nudge from Stuart (Ricky Champ), Ben headed back to the flat to give Callum a pep talk as he was nervous and Callum was grateful when Ben said that he wanted him to do whatever makes him happy. But now Ben fears that this conversation is the last they will ever have.

As he was confronted with Keanu, Ben quickly deduced that Keanu wasn’t a zombie and made a mental note not to hire a carrot and onion dealer as an assassin in future. With Keanu smirking, he dismissed threats and flashed Callum’s very fetch red tie to indicate that he was in control this time.

Fear of losing another man he loves crept into Ben’s eyes and Keanu told him that if he ever wanted to see Callum again then he would have to do exactly what he says. Can Ben keep his cool and ensure that no harm comes to Callum?

And just how far is Keanu prepared to go?

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