Spoilers: Corrie star warns that Roy's goth niece Nina is a nightmare

Spoilers: Corrie star warns that Roy's goth niece Nina is a nightmare

Roy Cropper (David Neilson) is set for quite the shock in Coronation Street, when he comes to the realisation that he’s got a long-lost brother, Richard. However, his journey to find Richard brings with it yet another surprise, as Roy realises that he also has a niece by the name of Nina (Mollie Gallagher). However, Nina’s not quite as mannered as her uncle, that’s for sure.

Yes, while Roy’s relationship with Richard will be of importance moving forward, it’s his niece Nina who will become something of a main stay in the café owner’s life. However, in spite of this, the pair don’t get off to the best of starts.

Discussing Roy coming to terms with the fact that he has a young niece, actor David Neilson said: ‘That side of things doesn’t really register with him at first and she is less than welcoming to him.’

After their initial introductions, Richard opens up to Roy about the fact that he’s terminally ill and, as a result, Roy promises him that he’ll take care of Nina.

On Roy’s decision to do so, David said: ‘Roy is a very responsible person and he has been landed with this situation where he has promised his brother he will be there for Nina. Once you ask Roy something like that he knows has got to do it and there is no way he can’t do it.’

‘He wouldn’t necessarily have chosen to take on that responsibility but he doesn’t shy away from it once he has given his word. He’s not a do gooder, he can be quite selfish but he has been stuck with this rather angry young girl and he is going to do his best.’

‘Out of that will come a really good relationship – she is a nightmare and she is costing him a fortune as he is also trying to pay Richard’s bills, finding that ring is one of the worst things he ever did! But the relationship with Nina could be one of the best things for him going forward.’

Yes, Roy’s decision to take care of Nina will be the catalyst in bringing the young girl permanently into his life — something which will ultimately create a great new dynamic for the writers to explore.

Long-time Corrie viewers will know that, as a character, Roy has always operated at his best when he had someone to look out for — someone who was totally the opposite of him.

Speaking about Roy’s habit of nurturing the younger generation, David said: ‘Roy can identify with that as he has been an outsider himself. It is interesting and it puts him on his mettle. They are different generations and worlds apart but there is a connection between them.’

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