Southern Charm's Madison LeCroy shuts down rumors she hooked up with Jessie James Decker's husband Eric

Southern Charm's Madison LeCroy shuts down rumors she hooked up with Jessie James Decker's husband Eric

SOUTHERN Charm's Madison LeCroy shut down rumors she hooked up with Jessie James Decker's husband Eric as she insisted she "would never."

The reality star has been linked to various stars recently, including former athletes Jay Cutler and Alex Rodriguez.

It all kicked off when Instagram account Deux Moi – who makes sure to tell their fans that "statements made on this account have not been independently confirmed" – suggested in a post that the Southern Charm reunion show had "choppy editing."

During the reunion, TV personality Craig Conover accused Madison of sleeping with married men and professional athletes.

Deux's post continued: "Two of the former pro athletes (one ex MLB and one ex NFL) have been named! But, neither of them are married.

"Who is the ‘happily married’ third mystery man that likes to [FaceTime] with our Southern Charmer?”

The post then threw out a guess: “here is a hint: His wife (who traveled heavily during the pandemic, much to the detriment of their youngest child with breathing problems) also claims to be fond of South Beach.

"Southern Charmer will never confirm or deny because the wife still puts on their toxic positivity happily married, tongue licking front.”

Thanks to the "hints," RealityTea claims the third man is Jessie James' husband, as their son Forrest was recently hospitalized for his breathing issues.

The outlet also points out that the country singer is a South Beach spokesperson.

However, Madison was quick to clear things up as she reached out to another Instagram account, BravoandCocktails, and messaged: "Yes, it’s not true…I love them. I would never.”

The mother of one added: "It’s not true… No married men EVER.”

Jessie and Eric tied the knot in 2013 and they share three kids.

All this chaos comes after the 30-year-old claimed she and ex-NFL player Jay had a short-lived relationship which ended in drama over his ex-wife Kristin Cavallari.

She claimed she was a part of a "payback" scheme from Jay's marriage, later revealing that their romance "didn't work out."

Jay, 37, would later reach out to Madison and accuse her of bringing his name into conflict.

Madison responded: "Jay I've done nothing but respect you and your privacy. I respect you and I respect your family and I would never say anything to jeopardize you and your family."

She later added: "I am disgusted by this whole situation. You reached out to me… Your intentions may have not been pure but that may be you projecting. I've never said anything about Kristin nor would I."

Exes Jay and Kristen, 34, would then share matching photos together on Instagram, and wrote: "The world is full of users. 10 years. Can’t break that."

The former pair share three children: Camden, eight, Jaxon, six, and Saylor James, five.

That was followed by the reality show's reunion show where she was labeled a "homewrecker."

Craig, one of the hosts, alleged: "You flew to Miami to f**k an ex MLB player – that's what you were doing during quarantine…

"…She has been bragging to all the blogs that she f**ked."

Madison quickly slammed his accusations and said: "Put me on a lie detector test, I never flew to Miami. Tell me, when did I fly to Miami? No, because that's fake."

When host Andy Cohen asked if she had DMed this ex MLB player, she said: "He contacted me and yes, we DMed but other than that, I've never physically seen him…"

Fans would start suggesting names, with one person claiming the mystery ballplayer was A-Rod, who is currently engaged to Jennifer Lopez.

However, Madison's sister Kaci Davis would hit back: "ARod's not married!"

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