Sonia reveals a truth to an oblivious Reiss in EastEnders

Sonia reveals a truth to an oblivious Reiss in EastEnders

It has become pretty clear over the past few weeks that there is a lot that Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) and new boyfriend Reiss Colwell (Jonny Freeman) don’t know about each other in EastEnders.

In upcoming scenes, Sonia will be forced to admit something about herself to an oblivious Reiss as they face a stumbling block in their relationship.

As Reiss begins to plan a big party, Sonia begins to get excited. After all, her birthday is coming up, and who else does Reiss have to throw a party for?

Confiding in Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth), Sonia admits that she can’t remember the last time she felt cared for like this, and that she isn’t used to someone making her feel special.

However, her bubble is soon burst when she comes to realise that the party wasn’t for her after all, but for King Charles’ Coronation.

It turns out that poor Reiss doesn’t even know that Sonia’s birthday is coming up, leaving her battling with the decision of whether or not to tell him.

The Coronation party is all Reiss seems to want to talk about, and soon Sonia is finding herself increasingly fed up.

She only feels worse when Rocky Cotton (Brian Conley) makes a romantic gesture for Kathy, and turns to him for some advice.

When Rocky suggests that they need to get to know each other better, Sonia considers telling him the truth.

Will she admit that it’s her birthday soon, or leave Reiss to enjoy his Coronation party?

Or will their bid to get to know each other better lead them into unchartered territory?

Viewers will know that Reiss has been hiding something much bigger than his birthday.

He has been seen on several occasions making secret phone calls to his wife.

Will Sonia discover that Reiss has been lying to her?

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