Skint Katie Price tries her luck with a lottery ticket as she faces bankruptcy again

Skint Katie Price tries her luck with a lottery ticket as she faces bankruptcy again

KATIE Price has been spotted leaving a newsagents shop with a fistful of lottery tickets.

The 41-year-old star is hoping she'll win millions as she desperately tries to avoid bankruptcy AGAIN before Christmas.

Katie, who has failed to pay back spiralling debts, found herself picking her lucky numbers in her local shop on Friday.

The mum-of-five wore a pink jumper and black baggy trousers as she clutched her national lottery tickets and her mobile phone.

Katie was spotted checking her numbers as she walked away from the shop, with her hair scraped back into a bun and with minimal make-up on.

The star looked hopeful and had a smile on her face after joining millions of others around the country looking to win the jackpot.

Last month a bankruptcy charge was laid on her mucky mansion and today Judge Sally Barber ordered her to be served with a draft petition notice within seven days.

According to the Mirror, she will have to return to the Insolvency and Companies Court next month on November 27 to learn whether she will be made bankrupt.

Judge Barber said: "Technically it’s not an adjournment so I'm extending time.

"Service will be effective on the expiry of seven days of completion of such sending of the email and such posting.

"Once you've done both, service will be effective on the expiry of seven days.

"I also extend the time for hearing the bankruptcy petition – I think six weeks."

A lawyer from JMW Solicitors said Katie had failed to attend an appointment with her creditors.

Last year Katie  was allowed to enter into the IVA, a deal to pay back some of her debts, if she agreed to pay back over £12,000 a month over the course of four years.

The Sun reported back in March that Katie still owed more than £800,000.

Despite her money issues Katie has continued to live the high life after narrowly avoiding bankruptcy last year.

She has been on a series of luxurious holidays, had a full body overhaul with surgery, started renovations on her mansion and even splashed £45,000 on a new car.

Last week Katie was banned from driving for two years – after refusing to tell cops who was behind the wheel when her pink Range Rover crashed last year.

She failed to appear at the Bexley Magistrates Court sentencing and was slapped with six penalty points and the ban.

She previously pleaded guilty to failing to tell police who was driving her £130,000 car, in the smash in October 2018, in Bexley.

The glamour model already had six points on her licence for previous offences.

Sentencing her, the judge also gave Price a £440 fine, £100 costs and a £44 surcharge.

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