Shane Richie will face 'The Cruel Jewels' in the next I'm A Celebrity challenge

Shane Richie will face 'The Cruel Jewels' in the next I'm A Celebrity challenge

SHANE Richie has been voted to do the next I'm A Celebrity trial after fans spotted him "moaning" about the other campmates.

Ant and Dec broke the news that Shane, 56, will take on The Cruel Jewel tomorrow as they revealed the results of the latest viewer vote at the end of tonight's show.

The Geordie hosts said the EastEnders legend had been picked to face a "terrible treasure hunt" where he'll have to unscrew stars with his mouth while being covered in critters.

And people on Twitter reckoned viewers voted for him because they wanted to see him squirm, after he clashed with AJ Pritchard and moaned about Jessica Plummer earlier in the episode.

Shane wasn't impressed when AJ asked him to do the washing up after he had slept in.

AJ explained he needed the pots and pans to cook breakfast but was waiting on Shane to carry out his chore.

When AJ walked away, disgruntled Shane turned to Victoria and said: "This ain’t working for me, the waiting for someone to do that… This is where people get p***y with each other."

Meanwhile, Shane made a dig at Jessica, saying "she shouldn’t have come if she’s scared of things".

One viewer tweeted: "Cruel jewels looks horrible for tomorrow's trial. Dec said it so cheekily Haha. I wonder if Shane was voted for it because of his moodiness at the beginning of the episode?!"

Another wrote: "Shane: *moans about Jess doing the trial saying she shouldn’t have come if she’s scared of things* The UK: *votes Shane for Cruel Jewels*"

Shane's son Shane Jr. defended him on Twitter after seeing people's comments.

He wrote: "Yes that’s right folks , my dads human and isn’t a cheeky chappy 24/7. Christ some of the comments on here making him looking like the devil sad b******s #ImACeleb"

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