Selling Sunset: Amanza Smith admits which scene left her in tears ‘It was gut-wrenching’

Selling Sunset: Amanza Smith admits which scene left her in tears ‘It was gut-wrenching’

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Amanza joined The Oppenheim Group and Selling Sunset cast back in the second season of the Netflix series and hit it off with most of her fellow brokers from the off. While feuds with the likes of Heather Rae-Young were quickly resolved in the latest season, there were still plenty of ups and downs for Amanza, particularly with her family off-screen. And it was the rare insight into her family life which the model and TV star admits particularly hit home.

Amanza kept no secret of her ongoing custody battles with her ex-husband on Selling Sunset.

So much so, the Netflix cameras followed Amanza to the courthouse one day for one of the hearings.

In season three, viewers also got to see the adorable motherly relationship Amanza shares with her children Braker and Noah firsthand as they appeared onscreen to let their mother just how proud they were of her.

The trio took a trip to the park in season three, episode two as Amanza opened up on the difficulties of balancing family life with work.

She said on the show: “I’m torn, you know, if I made the right decision to work more and more on this real estate thing.

“I have mum guilt, like, extreme mum guilt, so I’m just excited to connect with them.”

But both Braker and Noah were nothing but supportive of their mother’s choice, with Noah telling her: “We believe in you.”

Amanza was then left in tears as the kids told her just how “proud” they were with her for getting back on her feet following their father’s exit and working to provide for them.

It was a seen which Amanza describes as “gut-wrenching” watching back.

Speaking to, the Selling Sunset star opened up: “I cried.

“I mean, I was there but it was so long ago. Like, it was kind of gut-wrenching.

“For a reality show, that’s about as real as it gets, you know.”

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Amanza also revealed how she managed to overcome her own nerves compared to her first season on the show, as well as her daughter’s response to her onscreen debut.

“Yeah, you know, I would I never thought I would say this because the first season that I was on season two, I was super nervous,” Amanza explained when asked if she was excited about season three prior to its release.

She continued: “Because, you know, it’s a lot. I’ve been on television before, like, as a model and I just stood there and I think when I was lucky if I got to say three words,

“So it was super weird to see myself, you hear your voice and you’re like, ‘is that what people hear? When I talk? I’m never opening my mouth again.'”

It turns out her daughter had a similar response as Amanza continued: “My daughter actually watched the scene that they were in, or my daughter and son,

“But my daughter specifically said, ‘what do they do to our voices?’

“‘They turned our voices up’, and I was like that’s just how it feels!”

Selling Sunset is available to stream on Netflix now.

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