See How Caleb Landry Jones Gave Life to a Robot in Finch

See How Caleb Landry Jones Gave Life to a Robot in Finch

The two actors star in the Apple TV+ sci-fi film about a man and his A.I. friend at the end of the world

As you can see in the video, with many side-by-side comparisons of Jones on set and the finished movie, the actor was fully involved in creating the character’s body language and attitude. “You can’t really get the nuances of what happens on set if it was just a CGI thing that worked perfectly every single time,” explained Lindsay MacGowan, the Animatronics Supervisor at Legacy VFX, which designed the robot.

Legacy’s credits include “Iron Man 2,” “Reel Steel,” Pacific Rim,” and “Avatar,” though visual effects supervisor Scott Stokdyk raved that with “Finch” the effects house fashioned “the most complex robot that they have ever built.”

“He had to wear these huge stilts and all this other CGI-friendly stuff,” Hanks explained about Jones in the video. Hanks added that when he saw “Finch” as a completed film, “I didn’t remember Caleb in costume. I was just seeing Jeff as Jeff, a testament to how fluid Caleb was inside all of that.”

Indeed, the character exists as an artificial intelligence with the human traits of its creator: chipped, broken down, and even with a literal screw loose in its discarded gas tank head. For more on the making of Jeff, including concept models and sketches, check out the video (above).

“Finch” is available now to stream on AppleTV+.

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