Sean Slater kidnaps Amy in dramatic EastEnders return story?

Sean Slater kidnaps Amy in dramatic EastEnders return story?

EastEnders returnee Sean Slater (Rob Kazinsky) is set to cause mayhem when he returns to Walford this spring – when he picks up the girl he once thought was his daughter, Amy, from school and tells her that her mum asked him to pick her up.

With Stacey Fowler (Lacey Turner) having contacted Sean in order to inform him about Jean’s (Gillian Wright) cancer, she gives her mum a wake up call that he obviously isn’t interested.

But not long after, Sean is seen pulling up at the school and a confused Amy asks him if her mum really asked him to collect her. Her confusion is of course normal given that Roxy is dead. can exclusively confirm that Sean is completely unaware of Roxy’s death – so why has Stacey kept this from him? And how will he react when he eventually learns the truth?

As he ends up in a fierce fight with Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) at the graves of Ronnie and Roxy, is Sean’s plan to snatch Amy away? It was the discovery that Amy wasn’t his daughter which sent him over the edge leading to his exit a decade ago.

A recent trailer also shows Jean walking in the countryside with his mum Jean who has been going through chemotherapy. She tells her son that the one good thing about her having the disease is that it has brought him back to her.

But as he asks her if that’s actually a good thing, is this an indication that he is set to bring more heartache to his family?

Rob recently returned to the UK to film the scenes which will air over a week of dramatic episodes. But what brings him back and what leads him to leave again remain closely guarded secrets for now.

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