‘Saturday Night Live’ Trolls ‘Crazy’ Netflix in Claire Foy Episode

‘Saturday Night Live’ Trolls ‘Crazy’ Netflix in Claire Foy Episode

Saturday Night Live” returned with a new episode on December 1. Featuring Claire Foy as the host, the episode also saw Alec Baldwin reprising his fan-favorite impersonation of President Donald Trump. For her monologue, the Golden Globe Award-winning “The Crown” actress started with thanking America for being “a country that’s more chaotic than Britain.”

The British later joked that she’s “only taking the jobs that Americans don’t want.” She put her role in “First Man” as one of the examples. “In ‘First Man’, I had to play Ryan Gosling‘s wife because nobody else wanted to do it! I had to!”

The night’s cold open featured Alec’s Trump who looked sullen as he mulled legal woes on a balcony at the Park Hyatt in Argentina after he and FLOTUS Melania (Cecily Strong) unwind following a taxing day of diplomatic relations at the G20 Summit. Kate McKinnon also made an appearance as Rudy Giuliani who was “hanging upside down” at the balcony. Also making cameo in the cold open were Ben Stiller and Michael Cohen.

During the episode, “SNL” was making fun of Netflix’s massive volume of programming in a skit named “Netflix Commercial”. “In 2019, we’ll have even more programs to chose because we’ve gone crazy!” adding that its goal is “the endless scroll.”

The skit further explained how the streaming giant would achieve the goal by showing the actual pitch meeting at the company. It also suggested a “The Crown” prequel featuring Claire’s Queen Elizabeth II during her high school days titled “Saved by the Crown”.

“Weekend Update” anchors Michael Che and Colin Jost, meanwhile, joked about Melania’s now-infamous blood-red Christmas trees that are lining the White House halls. “Do you think the [White House] Christmas display would have been better if Hillary had won?” Colin asked the audience. He added, “Bill would be doing the decorating, so that hallway would just be 100 percent leg lamps [from A Christmas Story].”

Che, on the other hand, talked about a 2,800-pound cow that made headlines earlier this week. “An Australian rancher says that a six-foot-tall steer weighing over one ton is too big to go to the slaughterhouse. ‘Yeah, me too,’ said three cows in a trench coat,” he quipped.

The episode also paid tribute to the late President George H.W. Bush who passed away on Friday, November 30. Rounding out this week’s edition of “Weekend Update” was footage of “SNL” vet Dana Carvey while impersonating the former chief-in-commander. Also featured in the sketch was Bush himself addressing the actor’s impersonation in a lighthearted manner.

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