Sandra Bullock Gets Fact Checked on 'The Late Show' — Here's Everything We Learned About Her!

Sandra Bullock Gets Fact Checked on 'The Late Show' — Here's Everything We Learned About Her!

Colbert puts his guest to the test, grilling Bullock on some little-known factoids about herself.

The internet is filled with wild and crazy rumors about pretty much every celebrity who has ever existed, so last night on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," the host tried to get to the bottom of a few of them with guest Sandra Bullock.

"We found some facts about you on the internet," Colbert explained. "Because we know that’s where the facts lived," joked his guest, who was on the show to promote her new Netflix thriller, "Bird Box."

To fact check some of the online world’s findings, he decided to play a game called "Bullock or Bollocks," where Sandy would confirm whether some of tidbits Colbert uncovered were true or false.

Among the truths: Bullock is allergic to horses, she grew up in Germany with a family of opera singers and her grandfather maaaay have been a rocket scientist. "So we’re told," she answered.

Debatable, however, was the factoid that Robert Duvall taught her how to salsa dance. Watch the game around the 5:00 mark below:

Other intel we learned about Sandra during the full interview:

  • She’s a proud mama. "They are incredible," she said of her two kids, Louis and Laila. "My kids are mischievous enough, they fight the perfect amount, they’re the most beautiful, funny, inspiring little people. I’m lucky."

  • Bullock had no recollection of meeting Colbert when he worked at "The Daily Show." He joked, "Why would you remember me, some schmuck working for Jon Stewart at the time."

  • She worked as a waiter and believes everyone should do it for a year before entering the workplace. "There was another waiter … he and I would pretend that we were married and speak German and that I was pregnant so we could get better tips and that worked," she added.

  • She’s much better than Stephen when it comes to speaking German.

Watch the rest of the interview below:

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