Sally Nugent snaps ‘let me finish’ as she grills Sadiq Khan

Sally Nugent snaps ‘let me finish’ as she grills Sadiq Khan

BBC Breakfast: Sally tells Sadiq Khan to ‘let her finish’

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A review of the Metropolitan Police by Baroness Casey was kick-started by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan in the wake of Sarah Everard’s murder by a serving police officer Wayne Couzens. Khan joined BBC Breakfast presenters Sally Nugent and Jon Kay on Tuesday morning to discuss the findings where Nugent was adamant she wanted straight answers from the Mayor of London.

As Khan admitted that the first step is to accept the report from Baroness Casey, Nuget said: “I do hear you saying, forgive me for paraphrasing, you are giving the bad apple argument.”

Unhappy with the way she had described his reasoning, Khan interrupted: “I am really not, I am really not.”

However, Nugent didn’t back down and snapped: “Let me finish. She says it’s not about individuals who are bad within the system. She said the thing that needs to change is the culture and the structure of the Metropolitan police.

“How can it change? Is it too big and should it be broken up?”

Khan quietly replied: “It’s not too big. It shouldn’t be broken up. These are systemic issues. That’s why I asked for the review and why I lost confidence.”

Nugent went on to ask: “So if you are saying that the Metropolitan Police need to change, doesn’t need to be broken up, isn’t too big, what are the practical changes you as London Major are suggesting to us this morning?”

Khan explained: “A lot of things we have to do. We have got to make sure those who come to the police service are the right people. We are lobbying…”

However, Nugent was unimpressed with how he began to answer and interrupted: “That will take years though.”

Stumbling on his words, Khan continued: “It’s got to start now. We have got to make sure that the vetting process is changed.

“We have got to make sure it is easier to get rid of bad officers and at the same time, we will disband those units that are failing.

“We have got to make sure that there is an anti-racist culture in the police service, an anti-misogyny in the police service and anti-homophobic.

“We have got to speed up with the complaints made about an officer colleague against another officer colleague.”

Still not satisfied with the answer from Khan, Nugent probed: “These are all things that obviously are practical and constructive things that could change going forward.

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“But I am just concerned about where is the urgency. What is going to change now? What is going to change this week?

“For example, if Wayne Couzens hadn’t had a warrant card, perhaps there is a chance that Sarah Everard wouldn’t have trusted him.

“What are you going to do at the moment, right now about the people who are in the Metropolitan police force who cannot be trusted?

“If you read this report, Baroness Casey said she cannot efficiently assure you that there are no more people like Wayne Couzens in the police force right now.”

The Casey Review found that the Metropolitan Police has failed to protect the public from officers who abuse women; that organisational changes have put women and children at greater risk; and that female officers and staff routinely experience sexism.

“Female officers and staff routinely face sexism and misogyny,” the report said. “The Met has not protected its female employees or members of the public from police perpetrators of domestic abuse, nor those who abuse their position for sexual purposes.”

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