Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death leaves Katy Perry, Chris Evans, Mariah Carey and other mourning celebrities 'in tears'

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death leaves Katy Perry, Chris Evans, Mariah Carey and other mourning celebrities 'in tears'

RUTH Bader Ginsburg’s death from pancreatic cancer on Friday evening has left Hollywood “in tears” as they mourn the loss of the political icon. 

The Supreme Court Justice passed away at the age of 87 at her Washington, D.C. home surrounded by family.

In her final days, Ruth told her granddaughter Clara Spera that her "most fervent wish” was that she wouldn't be replaced until a new president takes office, NPR reported.

Moments after her loved ones announced her death, RBG – as she was popularly referred to – was fondly remembered by the world’s biggest stars. 

Katy Perry, 35, simply said with a heartbroken emoji: “RIP, RBG.” 

Music sensation Mariah Carey, 50, grieved and said: “Thank you for a lifetime of service. Thank you for changing history. We will never let it be undone.”

While Elizabeth Banks, 46, bluntly said: “F**k 2020.”

“In tears over here,” she added of the emotional loss. 

Chris Evans, 39, posted a portrait of Ruth with a heart and gushed she was “One of one.”

His Marvel co-star, Robert Downey Jr., tweeted: “Fight for the things you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you." 

American Horror Story’s Connie Britton, 53, confessed to being “devastated.”

However, she added on a more positive note she is also: “Grateful. I know for a fact that my life as a woman and an American is better because of her work and brilliance.”

Scandal actress Kerry Washington, 43, shared a beautiful drawing of the Brooklyn, New York native: “Her rest is earned. It is our turn to fight.”

Country music star Maren Morris, 30, slammed people who claim to be religious but have appeared happy over Ruth’s death.

“I see the people with “I love Jesus” in their bios rejoicing in her death. 

“Tomorrow, take the crosses and the Bibles from your home and drop them at Goodwill so someone more deserving can use them,” she wrote in a scathing message. 

Star Wars legend Mark Hamill admitted: “Gut wrenching loss…Could 2020 be any more brutal and cruel?”

While comic Sarah Silverman said she was “gutted” and “sad.”

“Grateful for all she did. And very very scared,” she said of this country’s future. 

Writer and TV star Mindy Kaling opened up about the impact RBH had on her life: “Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the kind of scholar and patriot you get excited about explaining to your kids. 

“The kind of person who you say “who knows, one day you could be HER”. I hope you rest well, RBG, you must have been tired from changing the world.”

Girls alum Lena Dunham expressed: “Truly believed she was eternal- we needed her to be eternal. 

“What she means to our past was only rival led by what she still meant for our futures. 

“There are no proper words to thank Ruth Bader Ginsburg- all we can do is promise to keep fighting in her name, for the many freedoms she gave us and the rights she proclaimed as unassailable.”

The liberal politician has used her career to fight for gender equality and has become a modern-day feminist icon. 

Ruth’s lost her long battle to pancreatic cancer nearly two months before Election Day.

It is currently unknown whether her seat will remain vacant or if someone will replace her.

On July 17, the justice revealed a scan from February showed the pancreatic cancer she was treated for in 2009 returned – but this time on her liver.

She also revealed that a new immunotherapy cancer treatment failed to shrink her tumors, however, biweekly chemotherapy had been showing "positive results” at the time. 

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