Roger Mathews Dating Again After JWoww Divorce — Plus, What He Has to Say About Her New Boyfriend

Roger Mathews Dating Again After JWoww Divorce — Plus, What He Has to Say About Her New Boyfriend

While he says his primary focus remains on his children, Mathews admits he has begun “casually dating” and has very specific demands for the type of woman he’s looking for.

Roger Mathews has begun moving on after his divorce from "Jersey Shore" star Jenni "JWoww" Farley, but admits he’s taking it slow.

As Mathews told Us Weekly, "I’m casually dating." And he says he’s being cautious about it because "my kids are my focus." It also probably helps to be cautious because he lives his life in the public eye, which can bring out all kinds of interesting characters, or disingenuous people feigning interest for self-serving reasons.

But it looks like Mathews is taking things seriously, breaking down what he’s looking for like he’s writing up his profile for an online dating app.

He tells the outlet he’s looking for "an established woman with her career and personal life in order, who has similar likes and interests and who is understanding that my children will always come first."

He goes on to emphasize that "Communication is critical to me at this point in my life. If you’re a bad communicator, we probably won’t make it far. I want peace and stability in my life for myself and my children."

In other words, the 44-year-old is not looking to recreate the wild, partying lifestyle that first made his wife and her "Shore" co-stars famous on MTV a decade ago.

Farley, who is 11 years Mathews’ junior, filed for divorce one year ago after three years of marriage, leading to an ugly public exchange between the two that saw accusations of abuse flying both ways. All of that, though, is in the past. Like the woman he’s looking for in the future, Mathews is apparently seeking peace and stability" with the woman of his past, too.

"The world has enough negativity, and I want to start a brand new chapter and fill it with positivity," Mathews told Us Weekly.

And Farley has moved on as well. The reality star has been dating long-time friend and professional wrestler Zack Carpinello, who’s already made his "Jersey Shore" debut. Carpinello and Farley have known each other for years; he even attended her wedding to Mathews.

"He seems to be a great guy and they seem to be in a great place,” Mathews said of Farley and Carpinello. “Simply because it did not work out for us, I would never forgo my ex to find happiness … Our children need happy homes to grow up in, and I wish Jenni and Zack all the best. Truly."

Finalizing their divorce in August, Farley and Mathews put away their words of weapon and forged peace for the sake of their two children, five-year-old Meilani and three-year-old Greyson. And Mathews remains committed first and foremost to their happiness and well-being, thus taking only tentative steps into the dating world.

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