'RHOA' Producers Were Reportedly Pushing For Kenya Moore And Marc Daly To Renew Their Vows Before They Split

'RHOA' Producers Were Reportedly Pushing For Kenya Moore And Marc Daly To Renew Their Vows Before They Split

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore has officially split from her husband of two years, Marc Daly. The couple announced their shocking separation this week amid rumors that Daly was living a double life in New York. But before the reality star parted ways with Daly, RHOA producers reportedly pushed Moore to renew her vows so they could feature the ceremony on season 12.

‘RHOA’ Producers wanted Kenya Moore to renew vows before her split

Inside sources claim that producers urged Moore to renew hervows in front of the camera. As fans will recall, Moore and Daly tied the knotin a secret ceremony in 2017.

Not only did the wedding not make it onto the show, butMoore lost her spot the following season because she refused to allow camerasinto her personal life.

But with the couple struggling financially, Moore agreed tobe more open in front of the cameras, especially when it comes to her marriage.

“She’s not going to put her job in jeopardy again,” theinsider revealed. “Kenya Moore has been warned that she has to share her wholelife on RHOA, and if he doesn’t wantto film with her, then they don’t want to film with her.”

Did they split over ‘RHOA’?

All of this reportedly went down before Moore and Dalyannounced their split. In fact, their marital problems will be a majorstoryline in season 12 of RHOA, withthe season ending right around the same time as their breakup.

According to AllAbout The Tea, Moore took issue with how Daly was spending most of his timein New York, leaving her to raise their daughter all by herself.

An insider claims that Kenya Moore talked about Daly’sliving situation on the show and completely broke down because she felt likeshe was all alone.

“She said on camera how much she was having to deal with,and the pressure was really intense,” the source stated. “She was in crisismode and really broke down while filming. It was intense.”

The source added that Moore has been taking on the bulk ofthe parenting duties while Daly is away and that it just became too much forher to handle. While it sounds like Moore was in a difficult situation, thisisn’t the only reason things didn’t work out with Daly.

Daly confirms split

The cast and crew of RHOAare currently filming their annual cast trip in Greece, where Kenya Moore’sco-stars are reportedly confronting her about her breakup.

Daly recently confirmed the split in a statement to themedia. He did not reveal too many details about the breakup, though he did saythat they are focusing on their daughter’s well-being and plan to keep thingsprivate.

Apart from raising their daughter on her own, sources claimthat Daly has been living a double life in New York.

Sources say that Daly rarely goes to Atlanta and spends thevast majority of his time at his house in Brooklyn – and apparently for goodreason.

While Kenya Moore has been taking care of their baby, Dalyhas been seeing someone else in New York. He also allegedly has children withhis mistress, though nothing official has been confirmed.

The insider believes that the only reason Daly married Moorewas because she promised to pay off his debt. But once filming for season 12started, Daly realized that being a part of the reality show wasn’t worth thepaycheck.

Kenya Moore’s co-stars question her behavior

There is still a lot of mystery surrounding Moore’s abruptsplit, but her RHOA co-stars havereportedly grown even more suspicious about the relationship.

Several of her co-stars are reportedly wondering if Moore’sentire marriage was a huge scam to get her peach back. During season 10 of RHOA, Moore was pulling down around $1.5million per season.

She took a drastic pay cut in season 11 for only appearingas a guest. That year, Moore is believed to have earned around $500,000.

Based on what we know about Moore’s promise to renew hervows, it sounds like producers only wanted her back as a package deal.

There is no telling what the series will cover in season 12,but we should get a lot of answers when the show returns this fall. It willalso be interesting to see how Kenya Moore’s co-stars are dealing with thesplit, and how it might affect her future on the show.

Season 12 of the RealHousewives of Atlanta is scheduled to premiere sometime in November onBravo.

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