Regé-Jean Page: Where Else You've Seen the Bridgerton Star

Regé-Jean Page: Where Else You've Seen the Bridgerton Star

We could all use a bit more Regé-Jean Page in our lives.

The actor, 30, has caused quite the stir with his portrayal of Simon Basset, the brooding Duke of Hastings, in Netflix’s delightful new eight-part period piece Bridgerton, a Shondaland production based on the first book in author Julia Quinn’s series of the same name. 

Page, who has been acting since childhood and has IMDb credits dating back to 2004, only recently began to grace American TV with his talent and charm — and now we can hardly get enough of him.  

With eager fans already pushing for the British-Zimbabwean star to be cast as the next James Bond (and British betting firm Ladbrokes noting his odds aren’t half-bad, according to Variety), he’s poised for a meteoric rise to superstardom — no matter his next role. Below, we’ve rounded up Page’s résumé thus far, so you can indulge your desire to stare at him unabashedly for as long as you’d like (we won’t judge!). 

Waterloo Road & Fresh Meat

Before he began racking up roles, Page had smaller recurring parts on British TV series, including Waterloo Road and Fresh Meat, according to IMDd. In the former, he played Guy Braxton, and appeared on eight episodes of the school drama in 2015, while he guest-starred as Dean for two episodes in the latter in 2013. 


While Bridgerton marks Page’s big break, bringing him to a far wider audience and prompting a slew of mainstream media coverage, his first breakout role was in The History Channel’s 2016 remake of Alex Haley’s 1976 slave narrative Roots, as Chicken George. 

“My big entrance into this industry was playing an enslaved person, which is an absolute cliché of people of color,” he told InStyle over Zoom of how that role helped inform his career goals — namely, focusing on projects that highlight Black joy onscreen. 

His turn in the miniseries also caught the eye of Shondaland executive Betsy Beers, according to Esquire, who promptly sought him out for the production company’s ABC legal drama For the People

For the People

The 2018 legal drama ran for two seasons, starring Page as Assistant US Attorney Leonard Knox. While it was sadly short-lived, Page’s presence in each of the show’s 20 episodes was enough to get us (and the Shondaland producers) hooked, later leading to his casting in Bridgerton

Mortal Engines

Are post-apocalyptic films another form of period piece, or perhaps their antithesis? Either way, Page made his silver screen debut in this 2018 movie, which saw him as fighter pilot Captain Khora. 

“Me? Oh, yeah, it was ok. Just fighting giant robots in the sky, taking on the imperialist forces of an all-consuming London, again. Tsk. How was your day?” he playfully captioned a shot of him in character on Instagram.

Sylvie’s Love

The Amazon Prime film premiered just a few days ahead of Bridgerton, although Page’s excellent turn as drummer Chico Sweetney flew comparatively under-the-radar in the case of this period piece set in 1950s Harlem. 

Don’t Wait

In addition to acting, Page has a longstanding love for singing as well, starting out in a punk band, according to a wide-ranging interview with Square Mile. Now in a musical duo called TUNYA with his brother Tose Page, he puts his haunting vocals on display in a short film by Lanre Malaolu, Don’t Wait, thought up during the summer of 2020 amid the Black Lives Matter movement.

The song, which Page composed himself, pairs with the expressive choreography in an emotional commentary on “how we learn to cope with, and grow beyond, the imperfect legacy and enormous grief the world inevitably throws at us all,” according to Page’s website. 

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part I 

Last but not least, eagle-eyed fans believe they’ve spotted Page in the first installment of the two-part final Harry Potter film, according to BuzzFeed. In an uncredited role, he appears to pop up beside Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) in 2011. 

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