Queen of the South final season: Is James going to kill Teresa in grand finale?

Queen of the South final season: Is James going to kill Teresa in grand finale?

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Queen of the South will be back for a fifth season later this year, with the cast and crew currently filming for the new episodes. When fans last saw the USA Network drama, Teresa Mendoza (played by Alice Braga) was reunited with her former flame and right-hand man James Valdez (Peter Gadiot). She may have been relieved to see him again but if the latest theory making the rounds ends up being correct, this is a grave mistake to welcome James back into her inner circle.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Queen of the South.

Is James going to kill Teresa in Queen of the South?

Queen of the South first began five years ago, with the pilot episode kicking off with a bang.

The episode began with a flashback scene, showing how Teresa would become an almighty queenpin of one of the most successful drug cartels in the world.

She was living a lavish lifestyle, surrounded by bodyguards in an extraordinary mansion, getting transported wherever she chooses via helicopter.

The dream soon came crashing down though when Teresa was shot in the head by a mysterious shooter when she was alone in the bathroom.

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Teresa’s death has been a certainty right from the get-go following this unexpected flashback moment.

How she ended up at the top and who murdered Teresa though is still not yet known.

With the head of the Mendoza Cartel making enemies left, right and centre every season, there is already a list of potential suspects.

But some fans are starting to think there is one person in particular who could be responsible for her future demise.

James disappeared for the majority of season four but returned in the last few moments to give Teresa a warning about a pending danger.

However, there is a theory that James will end up being the one who murders Teresa but the reason why he would do so remains unclear.

Taking to Reddit to discuss this theory, one fan said: “Okay so I’ve been rewatching some episodes from the show, particularly 1×05 and I noticed some things.

“There is a parallel between a scene from that episode and the opening of the pilot where she gets shot.

“When James is looking at her through the glass windows at the party it gave me flashbacks to the pilot.

“Obviously she looks vulnerable, like a deer in the headlights in comparison because she’s no queenpin just yet.

“But that’s the first scene we get where the audience is introduced to James’ style of killing and we all know how she dies- supposedly.”

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The fan continues: “They have other snipers in the cartel world, I’m sure but none like James.

“He was in a highly decorated ranking of the army. Teresa is hard to kill. I really believe he would be the only one smart enough to do it.

“How startling would it be if they gave away the answers from the very beginning but no one noticed?

“We were too caught up in other things but maybe the show has been giving us Easter eggs?

“I might be overthinking it but the aspect of it being in our faces all along would be cool.”

Other viewers also questioned the possibility of James murdering Teresa, with one adding: “James isn’t there at the ‘death’ scene, but this may simply be because he hadn’t been brought onto the cast yet.

“On the other hand, we have continually seen his proficiency as an elite marksman.”

Nevertheless, other viewers don’t believe it would make sense for James to end it all for the queenpin, having tried to protect her throughout.

A Reddit user said: “I don’t put it past any show to go for a shock ending.

“However, other than ‘shooting’ her, so she can fake her own death, I don’t see how they could plausibly make it make sense for him to kill her. I wouldn’t be surprised to see James die at some point though.”

A second added: “I heard somewhere that season 5 is possibly the final one so they simply don’t have time to convince us that James would make such a decision to kill someone he loves.”

Queen of the South is available to watch on USA Network and Netflix. 

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