Pointless: Richard Osman points out bizarre player coincidence before jackpot win

Pointless: Richard Osman points out bizarre player coincidence before jackpot win

Pointless returned to BBC One tonight with the final instalment of the quiz show for the week as four more teams hoped to get a Pointless answer and win the jackpot. 

Alexander Armstrong was back hosting as well as Richard Osman being the official adjudicator for the show. 

And it wasn’t long before Richard revealed a secret connection to one of the players and suggested it was the reason to her success on the show. 

Introducing couple number two, Alexander said: “Hi my name is Rosie and this is my mum Janet, I’m from Walthamstow in London and my mum’s from Billericay in Essex.” 

Richard then commented: “Lovely lovely, lovely to have Janet on the show today, because Janet’s from Billericay, where I was born!” 

“That’s nice,” Alexander replied and Richard continue to discuss the connection: “We were having a little chat before hand, she worked in the hospital where I was born. Not when I was born, where I was born!” 

The show got underway and those watching at home saw Janet and Rosie make it to the final round. 

“Janet and Rosie after three questions you are through to the final with two-one,” the host exclaimed. 

Richard spoke about their success and added: “Yes very well played. Do you know what? You come from Billericay, one show, that’s it you’re through! 

“Beautifully done. You took us through the board very very nicely there as well.” 

The question for the final round was regarding Art and Artists from the 100 Most Influential painters and sculptors from the Renaissance period and they provided the following three answers: “Tintoretto, Velazquez and Canova.” 

“Let’s see how many people named Tintoretto,” Alexander said and the numbers started dropping: “Tintoretto is right.” 

During a tense moment, they waited to see whether it was Pointless answer. And it was, the zero showed and they had won the jackpot. 

“Well done!” Alexander remarked. “That is fantastic! Tintoretto is a Pointless answer, and you are going home with that jackpot of £1,000. Look at that! It’s brilliant.” 

Adding to the conversation, Richard said: “I am so chuffed, very well done. And a big shout out to St. Andrew’s hospital Billericay!

“Very, very well played, Your other two answers were both incorrect,” he revealed. “So, thank you Tintoretto! But who cares?”

It comes after an episode earlier in the week whereby Alexander and Richard changed the format of the show. 

With the first round asking to name the country in with the National Park was, Alexander was faced with saying the words “National Parks” 48 times. 

And after repeating it for the first round, Richard told him to change how he was reading out the questions to make it easier for him. 

Pointless airs weekdays at 5.15pm on BBC One. 

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