Phillip Schofield and India Willoughby clash as she says 'America is overreacting' over Capitol riots

Phillip Schofield and India Willoughby clash as she says 'America is overreacting' over Capitol riots

PHILLIP Schofield got in a fiery clash with "Trump sympathiser" India Willoughby after she claimed "America is overreacting" to the Capitol riots.

Hundreds of Donald Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building last week after he claimed the "election was stolen from us".

Phil and India clashed over the US Capitol siege when she said: "Let's all come together and leave Trump alone."

"There is no more decisive force in America than Donald Trump so how can you say we should all be coming together when you're talking about a man who has divided the entire country?" Phillip answered.

"Well Phillip what is to be gained by carrying on?" India argued.

"Some say the world would be a lot safer if he couldn't run for president again," Phillip reasoned.

One viewer tweeted: "Phil & India having a barney over Donald Trump. Kind of proves how divisive he is"

Another wrote: "India Willoughby trying to be controversial again and being Katie Hopkins the second."

Another said: "India Willoughby misses every time #ThisMorning"

However, others praised India for giving an alternative view.

One tweeted: "Thank you @IndiaWilloughby for not just following the trend and bashing every part of Donald Trump's presidency.

"I disagree with what you said but it was refreshing to hear an alternative argument in the middle ground."

This Morning erupted into a furious row last week when India and Coronation Street's Nicola Thorp clashed over the same topic.

As the sickening scenes unfolded, President-elect Joe Biden said America's democracy was "under unprecedented assault".

Discussing the dramatic events, actress Nicola argued protesters would have been shot down before reaching the Capitol if they had been black.

"What a lot of people were watching was the epitome of white privilege," said Nicola.

"Thousands of white – not protesters – they were terrorists, they were rioters, were being able to sit at the speaker of the senate and not be arrested, not be shot at or have tear gas thrown on them.

"This was white privilege through and through. If this had been a Black Lives Matter protest the National Guard would have been there from the start."

Horrified Holly Willoughby agreed, adding: "We've got a clip here of police opening the gate and letting protesters in. Can you imagine that? In some of the scenes we've seen unfolding from America on different topics that would not have been the case."

But when Celebrity Big Brother star India was asked her opinion, viewers were furious when she claimed the police reaction "was the same" as it was during the Black Lives Matter protests.

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