Peter Facinelli ‘Going Insane’ as He Isolated Himself to Experience ‘Loneliness’ for Audition

Peter Facinelli ‘Going Insane’ as He Isolated Himself to Experience ‘Loneliness’ for Audition

The ‘Twilight’ actor recalls moving into a tool shed in a bid to feel a ‘sense of loneliness and complete isolation’ while he was preparing to audition for a role.

AceShowbizPeter Facinelli was almost driven “insane” when he moved into a tool shed in order to experience “loneliness” before an audition. In pursuit of his craft, the 49-year-old actor – who shares daughters Luca, 25, Lola, 20, and Fiona, 16, with ex-wife Jennie Garth and a six-month-old son with partner Lily Anne Harrison – has done “crazy, extreme things” and recalled a time he isolated himself away from his family for four days in order to get into the right head space to potentially play a tortured prisoner.

“I’ve done crazy, extreme things. One time, I was auditioning for a movie where my character was going to be stuck in a prison cell in another country, getting tortured all the time,” he admitted to The Hollywood Reporter.

“To prepare, I slept in my shed for four days. I asked my wife at the time to just bring food out at certain times. I wanted to feel that sense of loneliness and complete isolation. I had nothing in there with me, no phone, no TV, nothing at all. I was going insane. I didn’t know if it was day or night because it was a tool shed.”

The “Twilight Saga” actor didn’t get the part but he still thinks his preparation helped him to give a much stronger audition. He added, “I probably could have just ‘acted’ the part but I really wanted to know what it felt like to experience that so I could bring it to the audition because it was a character who was going mad.”

“I went straight from the shed to the audition and I didn’t get the part but I do feel like it helped inform the performance. It would’ve been nice to get that part but I don’t regret doing that. It’s all part of the process.”

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