Pete Davidson Joked That STIs Can Be Cured With a Shot and People Are Divided

Pete Davidson Joked That STIs Can Be Cured With a Shot and People Are Divided

After doing a bit with Stranger Things’ David Harbour about returning from the Upside Down (he was actually in Atlanta filming The Suicide Squad), Pete Davidson joined Colin Jost on a special segment about STIs on the Weekend Update.

The bit started off with Colin talking about a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that found chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhea have increased for the fifth consecutive year in the U.S. That fun fact prompted him to “obviously” bring out Pete, who immediately joked, “I don’t see the problem. These are things that you can cure with a shot. I don’t know how this is even news, really.”

Amid a couple of laughs in the audience, Pete continued:

When Colin said he’s worried Pete is giving people bad advice, he was like, “Yeah, definitely.”

But in an attempt at giving good advice for a second, Pete said, “You should, you know, wear a condom. But since you won’t, call a doctor and get antibiotics.”

After people watched this sketch, many on social media praised Pete for being a comedic genius and noted that he’s only talking about chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhea, which can be treated with antibiotics, but others called him an “asshat.”

Also thought the entire episode, except for asshat Pete Davidson STD bit on Weekend Update was the top-to-bottom most entertaining outing in a while.

Man, Pete–I hope you never have to have 3 rounds of two needles in your ass one in each cheek for Syphilis. It f*cking hurts. Its not “just a shot” Why SNL’s Pete Davidson is wrong about STDs via @nbcnews

Also, NBC decided to clarify his jokes in the hopes that no one actually takes them seriously. They said, “While it’s true that antibiotics can cure chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis infections, some strains of gonorrhea in particular are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics and are more difficult than ever to treat.” Then they pointed out that two-thirds of countries have reported antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea cases. (If you wanna know more about the most common STIs and treatments, click here.)

So, yeah, please use protection and get tested (Planned Parenthood has a handy quiz to let you know when you should do that and what tests to ask for)! Antibiotics can’t fix everything, guys.

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