Pam Grier Reveals She’s Writing a Project for Cardi B: Her Artistry Is ‘Beautiful’

Pam Grier Reveals She’s Writing a Project for Cardi B: Her Artistry Is ‘Beautiful’

One of the most iconic actresses of the ’70s may be teaming up with one of the most iconic pop stars of the 2020s. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Pam Grier — the star of “Coffy,” “Foxy Brown,” and “Jackie Brown” — revealed that she’s currently working on a project she plans to star in with Grammy-winning rapper Cardi B.

“I’m writing something for me and Cardi B,” Grier told Rolling Stone.

Although she didn’t say anything further about the project, Grier shared her love for Cardi B and other current rappers like Megan Thee Stallion in the interview, praising the two’s hit “WAP,” which caused controversy and smashed streaming and Billboard chart records when it released in 2020.

“I love Cardi and ‘WAP.’ I love Megan Thee Stallion. I told her, ‘You and your artistry are beautiful. People are gonna punk you because a stallion is a male horse, but there’s some really foxy mares!’” Grier said. “She’s really good. She went to college,” she said about Megan, before expanding her thoughts on other stars. “You got to have your goals. You’re gonna have haters, you’re gonna have jealousy, but just do your art, do your passion from your heart. She [Megan] and Lizzo and Nicki Minaj and some of the others, they know — you gotta make your own style. You get to hire people later. But you come up with your own stuff, then you just draw people like a magnet, so collaborators make you greater and greater. I want them to find that.”

Grier recently starred in the ABC sitcom “Bless This Mess,” which was canceled after two seasons in 2020. Her last film role was the 2019 comedy film “Poms,” which she starred in alongside Diane Keaton and Jacki Weaver as one of a group of retirement home women who start a cheerleading squad. Cardi B is set to appear in the 10th “Fast and the Furious” movie, “Fast X,” next year, after a small role in the last installment, “F9.” She previously made her film debut in 2019, when she played a small role in “Hustlers” alongside fellow music star Lizzo.

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