Outlander’s Sam Heughan admits Jamie Fraser ending is in email ‘Hope I don’t get hacked!’

Outlander’s Sam Heughan admits Jamie Fraser ending is in email ‘Hope I don’t get hacked!’

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Outlander recently aired its heart-breaking season six finale in March, which explored a number of different storylines in just eight episodes. Sam Heughan, who stars as Highlander Jamie Fraser on Starz’s hit time-travelling series, revealed he knew how the series would eventually end.

Outlander is the on-screen adaptation of the best selling novel series written by Diana Gabaldon.

Season six, which saw some major drama as well as the introduction of the Revolutionary War, was based on her sixth novel ‘A Breathe of Ashes and Snow’.

As Diana recently revealed she had begun writing book 10, even fans who have read the series don’t yet know how the series will end.

Even though the end has yet to be written, Sam revealed he knew his character’s fate and how the series would eventually end.

Ahead of the season six release, Sam was a guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, where he made the surprising revelation.

After sharing they still have a long way to go before book 10, Jimmy asked the actor if he knew how it all ended.

To which Sam responded: “I do, I know how it ends.”

“She revealed it to me,” Sam confessed, “She revealed to me the ending a long time ago.”

A puzzled Jimmy asked: “She’s written the ending but hasn’t written it.”

To which Sam confirmed: “It’s in her head and my email chain.”

While the studio audience roared in laughter, he quipped: “Let’s hope I don’t get hacked.”

With season 10 potentially being the last instalment of the series, this could hint that Diana just filling in the storylines in the direction of a huge ending.

Speaking to Town and Country, the author revealed that the 10th book could likely be the last fans will see of Jamie and Claire on screens.

She also added a timeline to this and shared: “I think the Outlander books will end in 1800, if this tells you anything, more power to you.”

Diana confirmed: “Yes, the last book will have a happy ending, though I confidently expect it to leave the readers in floods of tears, anyway.”

Although she was working on book 10, Diana admitted it wasn’t her main focus at the moment.

She stated: “On top of the pile would be in the beginnings of book 10.

“I have started writing that, but I’m just poking away at it little by little because there’s so much interference from the book launch stuff going on that I can’t work with my usual focus.”

She continued: “I usually get about an hour and a half to myself at night when I just think or do my normal office stuff.

“I am working on book 10 though.

“It’s just beginning to bubble, like the tar pits at La Brea, these rising bubbles and there’s a lot of bones underneath.”

However, the author warned: “But don’t expect the tome to come out anytime soon, I’ve barely begun Book 10; it’ll be a while.”

Outlander is available on Starz in the US and on Starzplay in the UK.

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