Olly Murs gets pranked by girlfriend Amelia again as she stuffs a dandelion in his mouth on a bike ride – The Sun

Olly Murs gets pranked by girlfriend Amelia again as she stuffs a dandelion in his mouth on a bike ride – The Sun

OLLY Murs was left choking last night when girlfriend Amelia pranked him again – by stuffing a dandelion in his mouth.

The couple headed out for a bike ride when quick thinking bodybuilder Amela took her chance and got him back after weeks of putting up with his savage pranks.

Stopping to take a breath in the searing heat on Thursday, Amelia whipped her camera out and said: "Look what I found!"

Holding the dandelion up to his face, she added: "You've got to blow and make a wish!"

And not giving Olly time to think, Amelia quickly shoved the fluffy flower down his gob – leaving him choking and spluttering as he keeled over.

When he had finally recovered, the singer screeched: "What did you do that for!?"

Olly has become king of pranks over the past few months as he continues to isolate in his Essex home.

The singer, 36, has been cooped up inside with his girlfriend Amelia – and to keep himself occupied he has been playing practical jokes on the fitness fanatic.

A series of hilarious videos have left fans entertained – and given an insight into his luxurious pad.

The cheeky chappy's master bedroom boasts a huge double bed with a grey velvet crushed headboard.

He also has a statement wall with a busy black and white city mural, which looks great contrasted against his white walls.

Despite having an ultra-modern pad, Olly still has some old-fashioned wooden beams running across his ceiling.

The X-Factor star a huge swimming pool situated behind his garden shed which has also been involved in part of his hilarious pranks.

The star likes to use all parts of his home to keep fit – including anywhere inside – as he loves to use his aerobic steps to get a sweat on.

But when he's not playing practical jokes or working up a sweat, the love birds can cosy up together in the living room.

He recently shocked Amelia with a cheeky prank which consisted of him cutting the bottom of a Pringles tube for an X-rated trick.

The clip starts with a TikTok of Olly removing the bottom from the crisp packaging, smiling with glee as he did so.

He then secretly filmed himself and Amelia cuddling on the sofa watching TV, munching on some snacks.

With the Pringles tube over his crotch, Olly offers the beauty some more – and she unsuspectingly puts her hand into the tube.

The video freezes as the iconic Scarface quote "say hello to my little friend" plays over the moment.

In another video he shared, Amelia could be heard screaming "for f***s sake!" after he pulled down his trousers and farted on her before running away.

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