‘No it isn’t!’ David Dickinson mocked by Michael McIntyre on The Wheel amid confusion

‘No it isn’t!’ David Dickinson mocked by Michael McIntyre on The Wheel amid confusion

The Wheel: Michael McIntyre says the show is 'madness'

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Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel returned with another episode on Saturday night, with a team of famous faces attempting to help members of the public win huge sums of money. Celebrity guests Sue Perkins, David Dickinson, Steph McGovern, Daz Games, Robert Peston, Johannes Radebe and Dion Dublin all appeared in the episode. However, antique expert David found the BBC game show confusing and host Michael couldn’t help but poke fun at the Dickinson’s Real Deal star.

Presenter Michael welcomed his seven celebrity guests onto the show, but seemed to revel in David’s confusion.

He began the programme by teasing the antique expert about his age, suggesting that he may struggle with the technology on the show.

Michael said: “Welcome lovely experts. How are you enjoying the spinning David? Is it alright?”

“It’s like the waltzers when you were 16 and trying to crack it with the girls,” David replied, causing the host to burst out laughing.

“And you’ve only just met Dan for the first time backstage,” Michael said, ushering towards the gaming expert.

“Because you’re not familiar with gaming, you thought he was here to fix your iPad,” the comedian joked.

David replied: “Maybe! He’d probably do a good job.”

“You probably have no idea what that thing is in front of you,” Michael remarked.

“Is it a keypad?” David asked, with Michael replying: “Yes, it’s a keypad.”

“I’m just getting into it very slowly,” the antique expert replied.

However, David got confused later on in the show when he was attempting to help contestant Ellie with a politics question.

Michael read out the question: “Which of these was not a thing Ed Miliband made front-page news for, during his time as Labour Leader?”

The options were: Putting his policies on a gravestone, insulting a voter while mic’d up, having two kitchens and eating a bacon sandwich.

David confessed that he wasn’t sure of the correct answer but thought it was “eating a bacon sandwich”.

Ellie took David’s advice and locked that in as her final answer, however it was soon revealed as incorrect.

As the wrong answer noise sounded and the studio lights turned red a puzzled David asked: “Is it?”

“No it isn’t,” Michael replied, laughing at David’s confusion.

He added: “Sorry David, we have tried so hard to graphically represent a wrong answer and we chose, obviously maybe wrongly, this deep red of disappointment and that noise where it goes ‘dong’.

“But, of course David in your defence, nobody yet knows the sound of a correct answer because we’ve yet to hear it.

“When that moment comes, everything goes gold and it’s huge celebrations,” Michael explained.

“So, what was the answer?” A still confused David questioned.

“The answer is ‘insulting a voter while mic’d up’ which is something that Gordon Brown did,” the host replied.

Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel airs Saturdays at 8:30pm on BBC One.

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