Nine Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Jamie Tate’s fatal error and Belle Dingle’s shock bombshell

Nine Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Jamie Tate’s fatal error and Belle Dingle’s shock bombshell

JAMIE Tate makes the fatal error of leading Cain Dingle to the hit and run evidence next week in Emmerdale after Andrea spills the beans to Moira.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening in the Dales next week…

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1. Aaron has a new crush

Liv is suspicious when she realises how often Aaron has been visiting the Hide. 

Everything fits into place when she catches Aaron staring at Ben, and Liv realises he’s got the hots for the newcomer.

2. Ben gives Aaron a reality check 

Chas urges Aaron to go on a kayaking session with Ben. 

But when Aaron turns up for the event, Ben looks at him with contempt. 

Ben tells Aaron he must have a short memory, before storming off. 

Later, Ben reveals to a confused Aaron that he used to bully him at school for being gay. 

3. Aaron apologises

Aaron later does his best to make things up to Ben and apologise profusely. 

Aaron is overjoyed when they arrange a date and hopes it could be the start of something special.

But will the pair be able to get over the unfortunate fact that Aaron is Ben’s former bully – or will the relationship be forever doomed?

4. Newcomer Meena causes a stir

A newcomer named Meena appears and starts to help Amy behind the till at the Hide. 

But when Meena openly flirts with Billy, Dawn is clearly riled and left fearing she’s lost Billy for good. 

Viewers know that Dawn still has feelings for Billy and only dumped him to protect him from the ongoing saga surrounding evil Malone’s murder.

5. Manpreet gets a shock

Meanwhile, Manpreet announces that the family are going on a cycling trip to help resolve their differences.

But Manpreet is shocked when she returns from the ride and locks eyes with her sister, Meena.

Emmerdale have teased that newcomer Meena is going to bring a closet full of skeletons with her upon her arrival in the village.

6. Victoria returns

Victoria returns to the village with purpose following her grandmother Annie’s off-screen funeral.

Vic had last mentioned Annie in 2019 when she revealed her grandmother was upset Robert had been sentenced to 14 years in prison for the murder of Lee Posner.

7. Vic sleeps with Luke

Luke is pleased to see that Victoria has taken the funeral on the chin and arrived back in Emmerdale village full of resolve. 

It’s not long before Luke and Victoria find themselves getting together, with Luke following her upstairs. 

Will she regret it this time?

8. Cain and Moira disown Belle

After overhearing Jamie brag about pulling the wool over her eyes and winning her around, Andrea storms off to find Moira and tell her the truth about the hit and run.

Later, a distraught Moira confronts Belle, but she pretends that she hasn’t got a clue what Moira is talking about. 

Later, when Nate arrives at Butlers Farm, Moira tells him the news – and that an angry Cain is searching for Belle and Jamie. 

9. Jamie makes a fatal error

Meanwhile, Belle rushes to find Jamie to warn him that Andrea has spilled the beans about the hit and run. 

Jamie reassures a flabbergasted Belle that the car parts are at the bottom of a lake, and that no one will find them and pin the crime to him.

But as they head to the lake to double check the parts are safely hidden, Cain appears from nowhere armed with a bat. 

Have Jamie and Belle made a fatal error by leading Cain to the evidence?

10. Belle drops a bombshell

Cain confronts the two, but Emmerdale have teased that Belle has something to say about the situation.

What bombshell is she about to drop?

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